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Searching for journal articles - indexes and databases

Searching for useful articles can be done in a number of ways.  Library Search is a useful starting point, but there are other specialised indexes available, often in particular subject areas.  Some of these have additional full text articles available.  Some key indexes are listed below, and most of them index journal literature available worldwide:

Art Full Text (Fine and Decorative art, includes additional full text articles)

Avery Index (Architecture, town planning, interior design)

British Education index (Education)

CINAHL Plus (Nursing and Allied health, includes additional full text articles)

Design and Applied arts index (Design and crafts)

Econlit (Economics)

Humanities index (Humanities)

Medline (Medicine, nursing, dentistry)

MLA index (Literature and language)

Philosopher's index (philosophy)

PubMed (Medicine)

SCOPUS (wide subject coverage)

TRIP Pro (medicine, nursing, includes additional full text articles)

Web of Science (wide subject coverage)