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Using Browser extensions to access online journal articles

  • LibKey Nomad is a browser extension which can provide easy access to our subscribed journal articles, or to  Open Access versions.  It is particularly useful when you are not logged in to a publisher site, or you are browsing Google Scholar, Wikipedia, and other sites. 
  • It can be used on the following web browsers - Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi and Safari.
  • Go to the Download Nomad webpage  and choose the web browser you wish to use with the extension, as below.


image of the available  Libkey browser extension options, six in all

  • Clicking on the browser link will take you to the LibKey Nomad page in the browser's web store.  Follow the instructions to install, typically adding the extension, to install it in your chosen browser.  You will be prompted to select your institution - type in University of Dundee as below.  This will allow the Libkey Nomad extension to interact with the University of Dundee's subscribed  journal titles.


Libkey icon with University of Dundee selected

How to use LibKey Nomad

Once installed, the LibKey Nomad extension works behind the scenes on your internet browser wherever you are studying or researching

  • When using search tools such as Google Scholar, PubMed, and Wikipedia, look out for the green LibKey Nomad button 
  • Sometimes LibKey will direct you to login to your University of Dundee account if it finds access to our University subscriptions
  • LibKey can also find Open Access versions of journal articles, and link you directly through to the full text
  • When LibKey Nomad does not find full text, it will direct you to other options which our Library can supply, such as Interlibrary loan.