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Journal articles not held at the University of Dundee - using Library Search

  • We subscribe to a wide range of online journals, but cannot purchase all new titles, so if you find an article which is not available in full text (or print format) at the University of Dundee, you may wish to obtain it through our Inter Library Loan service (available to current staff and students of the University)
  • When you use Library Search, the system can pick out items which we cannot provide as an online link   - see image below 'No full-text'
  • If you then click on the title of the article, you will see an option to apply for an interlibrary loan (these are currently free of charge)



Journal articles not held at the University of Dundee - using other databases

  • If you start your search in a specialist database, such as SCOPUS, Web of Science or PubMed you will be linked through to Full Text where we subscribe to the journal.  If we don't have access, again, there will be a link to the Inter-Library Loan request, found by following the 'Find It' icon as below:

Find It icon


  • The Find It icon will link you back into Library Search, and again into the Interlibrary loan request link,

Finding journals not held at the University of Dundee

  • If you want to see many volumes or issues of a journal not held at the University, you may want to see if a version of the journal is available locally (you will not normally be able to see the online resources of another University unless you are a current member).  The SUNCAT service allows you to search by journal title to see where it is held in the UK 
  • Some Universities may offer Walk-in-user access, to let you see the online journal.  If this service is offered, you will normally have to use a PC located in their University library.  Contact the University which holds the title you are looking for, and ask about the possibilities available
  • You may wish to visit particular libraries - for example the National Library of Scotland (Edinburgh) is a rich resource, particularly for print versions of journals.  Libraries do not normally lend journals.