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Centre for Archive and Information Studies Subject Guide

Learn about key library resources for studying archive and information studies

On and Off campus - how to reach full text e-books, journal articles and databases

When you use on-campus PCs you will only have to log in for certain collections; the IP address of your PC will show the publisher that you are a member of the University of Dundee and entitled to access their collections.  However off-campus you will normally have to log in, to 'prove' you are a member of the University of Dundee.  This means you need to look for a login option called one of the following:

  • Institutional login
  • Sign in via your institution
  • Shibboleth login
  • UK Federation

(Note: do not select Open Athens as we do not use this method at Dundee)

Some typical examples are shown below.  The basic process normally involves looking for a login or sign-in box, then selecting your area (UK, or UK Higher Education, or UK Federation) and then your institution (University of Dundee), followed by your usual University username and password.

You will usually find that once you have logged into Library Search, or one of our main collections or databases, you may not need to login to the next resource you use, during the same browser session.


Logging into resources - examples

  • EBSCO hosts many of our databases and collections.  To log in, choose the UK Higher Education (from the region or group dropdown menu), and then select the University of Dundee from the list of institutions that appear.


  • Journal and E-book sites often show a login or sign-in box in the top right of the screen, as below for Scopus


  • Some resources, such as Cite Them Right Online, require login through a proxy URL which will automatically prompt for your University login. Accessing resources through the A-Z of resources or this Subject Guide ensures you are using the correct link.


Logging into resources - extra features available

When you are logged into our Dundee collections, you will find extra benefits, such as:

  • Find-It (linking button) - within databases, the 'Find It' button will allow you to link back to our Dundee Library Search service to reach the full-text version of a journal article if we have it.
  • Extra features on E-book sites - such as downloading full text, or filtering to content owned by the University of Dundee.
  • Personal folders - you may also be able to set up a personal folder on the sites, allowing you to save your favourite titles on a 'bookshelf'.  This additional feature is often called 'My Account', or 'My Bookshelf' and can allow you to download records into your EndNote Library.


Further help