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Nursing and Health Sciences Subject Guide

Learn about key library resources for studying health sciences

Key Databases to search for Nursing and Health Sciences

  • Cinahl Plus - Easy access to the Most Authoritative Nursing and Allied Health Literature
  • Medline - Access biomedical and health literature

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  • PubMed - Access global biomedical and life science literature

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  • Scopus - Access social sciences database. Excellent resource for mental health literature

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  • Trip Pro - Access research evidence to support healthcare practice

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  • Cochrane Library - Access high-quality evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. Use for finding existing systematic reviews.

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  • Internurse - UK’s largest collection of peer-reviewed nursing content, and home of the British Journal of Nursing. Internurse covers primary and secondary care settings as well as the whole spectrum of specialist nursing practice including cardiology, neuroscience, mental health, palliative care and wound care.

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Accessing and using Internurse

Using CINAHL (basic) 7 mins

Using CINAHL (advanced & indepth searching) 23 mins

CINAHL is the Cumulative Index for Nursing and Allied Health Literature. It is the main nursing database for searching for journal articles. This video covers accessing CINAHL, search techniques, limiting search, reading the screen to find more information, setting up an account and accessing results.

Trip Database

A selection of Nursing and Health Sciences e-books, added September 2020 to March 2021

Hover over the book cover to see the title/author details and select to view in Library Search, then sign in to view availability and location of print texts and if available as an e-book, access full text.

Key University Archive Resources in Nursing and Health Sciences

Primary source material relating to nursing and health sciences can be found across a range of collections including research papers and notes of staff members but particularly within the NHS Tayside collections which date from the early 19th century and include hospital and asylum records across Tayside and surrounding areas. They include staff and patient records, photographs and reports. Staff training records, photographs and examples of daily working life can be found in the collection. These can be used to learn about working practices of nursing across the decades and trace family members who worked in the profession. Looking at medical care and treatments in the past can be invaluable in understanding where we are today.

You can find items of interest by searching our archives and collections online catalogue

To find out more about the Archive go to and email with your questions.

Vitamin diagram dated 1946Nurses practising a fire drill c1920. Wearing uniforms with long aprons and hats, some of the nurses are pulling a cart with fire hoses.