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Resource Lists

A guide for academic staff on Resource Lists

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at the University of Dundee

This page is to help support academic staff looking to diversity their Module Resource Lists.

Sections below cover background research and discussion on the topic, along with pointers to sources of diverse materials, alternative publishers and useful networks.  Library staff can offer help with locating, purchasing and making available books and other resources from specialist suppliers and publishers worldwide.  If you are interested in exploring these areas with the LLC, get in touch with the Library via  LLC-resources

Some key resources from the University of Dundee

Resource lists and the inclusive curriculum

Some background discussion & research 



Looking for content beyond the mainstream academic publishers

Alternative publishers, with a focus on decolonisation, and diversity in  gender and sexuality

Finding authors from particular regions or institutions

  • Databases such as the Web of Science and Scopus allow you to search by topic, and then to view  results by geographical regions

Open access Repositories


Open Access

Open access journal articles submitted for publication in academic journals  will be indexed in databases such as Scopus, Web of Science, British Education Index, Humanities Index,   the IEEE library, Pubmed, Econlit etc  depending on the subject coverage  of the database.. (View  the University of Dundee A-Z list of subscribed databases here)

You might like to explore the Digital Commons Network

Institutional repositories  -  created to record the  research outputs of an institution - cover  research articles, theses, conference presentations, datasets  public speaking events, such as those listed in the University of Dundee Institutional Repository, Discovery.   They're a good way to get an overview of an Institutions output -  though  some repositories may be older than others.   The map  under Collaborations and top research areas from the last five years  shows Dundee University worldwide collaborations.

The  OpenDoar project  lists  Open access institutional repositories worldwide. (The project was created in 2005 by University of Nottingham and Lund University, funded by OSI, Jisc, SPARC Europe and CURL).  Have a look at  the distribution  of Repositories by Country graphic from OPENDOAR.

You can search for a particular repository, or   browse by country to get an overview of what's available,