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E-resources - Staff guide: Trouble shooting

Computer related problems

Very often problems can be resolved by clearing browsing history/cookies as described in wikiHow

Tell the user to try a different browser eg. chrome, safari etc.

Sometimes firewalls can cause problems eg. NHS PC's often block access.

Make sure the user has the correct version of Adobe Digital Editions for reading e-books

If all fails, and the student or staff member is definitely current, you can email an article, or a chapter of an e-book to their UoD email address as an attachment.

Reading List problems

Links in Reading Lists, or in Library Search sometimes fail, or lead to error messages.  In these cases the link may have changed, or there may be some problem at the publisher's site.  Common problems are:

  • The link in a Reading list goes to an error page:  If it's a journal article, try looking for the article by starting at the JOURNAL title (from Library search), and once you're on the journal website, browse to the year, vol, issue and article.  If it's a website link that fails, try searching for the site on google, by keywords.  If it's an E-book, or chapter find out the host site by going to Library search and getting the details, then look in the A-Z list of eresources , and go to eg EBSCO Ebook academic collection,  or Dawsonera E-books etc.  Then try looking for the book on the host site itself - occasionally content is removed unexpectedly.

Other problems

A journal article appears to be available full text in Library Search, but isn't available on the journal's website: this can happen in a number of situations none of which can be solved instantly:

  • Subscription not renewed or access has been cut off in error
  • Problem on the publisher website e.g downtime, server problems or missing content
  • Journal may have moved to a different publisher or host site and Alma has not been updated

 Always inform as soon as a problem has been spotted. Possible temporary solutions are to look if we have the journal in print format (search for the journal title in Library search).