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E-resources - Staff guide: Checking staff and student

Is the user current?

  • ​Online resources are only available to current staff and students of the UoD, so the first check would be whether the user is 'current'
  • Students can be checked on  SITS (Status C = Current) or on e-Vision 
  • Access to E-resources is activated after Matriculation, and there may be a short delay before online resources are made available
  • If you are unsure whether a staff or student member has online access, send them this link to the Lexis Library service. A window will open to ask them to sign in with their usual username and password, ie + password, whether they are on campus or off campus.   If the username and password is not accepted, then it is likely that the user does not have full online access for some reason (the usual reason being they are not a current student or staff member, or their access to e-resources has not yet been triggered)
  • Problems or queries about  student status can only be sorted out by Registry.  Typical situations might be student fees not yet paid, or enrollment is pending. The student should contact registry on email at or by calling 01382 385390  (weekday hours)
  • If the user does have full access to the Lexis Library, or other Dundee resources which require login (eg Web of Science) but can't get into another particular resource, check that resource yourself and see if you can get right through to the full content (ie right up to the open PDF for a journal article, or to an actual chapter of an E-book).  If you get in, but they don't, the problem may be that the user may not have logged in correctly off campus. Please see 'Logging in: options' tab. 

Who to contact with e-resource problems?

  • Problems with student status and access to E-resources - the student should contact REGISTRY either by e-mail to or by calling 01382 385390  (weekday hours)
  • Problems with staff access to e-resources, the member of staff should contact IT
  • Problems with particular E-resources:  Please send info to  so that LLC staff  can investigate and follow up any publisher or subscription problems.