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E-resources - Staff guide: Logging in: options

On-campus access

Most of our resources are IP authenticated so there is no need to sign-in if you are on-campus.  The providers will recognise the IP address of the computer/device if you are connected to the University network. There are a few exceptions to this however where even if you are on-campus you will need to sign in.  If this is the case follow the routes shown below.  An example of this is Lexis Library where you need to sign in both on and off-campus.

Some electronic journals are password controlled.  If this is the case see below.



A  typical problem is that they put their Dundee username and password into the PERSONAL login boxes, rather than looking for the option to login as a UoD member.  Ask them to look for options such as Institutional login, Shibboleth, UK Access Management Federation, or Other Institution login.  Tell them to avoid Open Athens login.  They will normally have to select the UK federation (from one list), and then the University of Dundee, from a list of UK institutions, followed by the usual UoD box.



Some eresources are authenticated through EZproxy for off-campus use where by following the link from either our  Library Search, the A-Z of e-resources or through the Libguides the provider thinks the user is on-campus.  Users must use these links otherwise they won't get to the EZproxy login page.

Password controlled

Some journals are still password controlled both on and off-campus.  For example if you search for Journal of Reproductive Medicine you will see it says to contact for the username and password, as below.