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Off campus access to databases

Step 1

To access Box of Broadcasts when you are not on campus, you must first click on the Sign In button, highlighted above.

Step 3


Then you have to fill in your University of Dundee email (without the dots in the name) and password.

Step 6

After clicking on the link sent to you by the BoB Team, you should be redirected to the Box of Broadcasts homepage. There, you have to sign in again. Once you do so, you should see a message like the one above. If you made it this far, you are ready to access BoB off campus.

Step 2

In the next screen, you have to provide which University you are from. Type "Dundee" in the search box and select University of Dundee. After that, click the Go button.

Step 4

If this is your first time opening up BoB, you will be asked to register. Just fill in your email address and your name and click the Register button.

Step 5

After you finish your registration, you should get a message like this. Head up to your email inbox and click on the link you have received from the BoB Team. If you have typed your email address wrong, you can select Update Email. If you didn't get the email after some minutes (and checked your Spam folder), click Resend.




Accessing the databases you are interested from the A to Z List of E-resources makes the sign in process easier.