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Resource Lists

A guide for academic staff on Resource Lists

Add tag to items

Individual items on a list may be tagged as 'Essential', 'Recommended', 'Further reading', or 'Recommended for purchase'.  Where items are tagged as 'Essential', the Library will give these priority attention, and aim to purchase in E-format if possible.

Tagging items can help student prioritise reading and work.


When the list is ready, please 'Publish' it (see option next to Edit, at top right of list), and then Click on the 'Library Review' button, which will send the List to Library staff for content checking, digitizations and purchasing

what does it mean?
when the list is in draft, list can be edited, created and updated. List is not visible to students
published when the list is published, list is visible to students and can be seen on mydundee module
locked when the list is locked, this is a previous version and no changes can be made to locked lists
library review send a published or near published list for library review means library staff will check content, digitisations and purchase new books if required
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