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Academic Staff Induction: Learning & Teaching

A guide for all new staff who teach

Learning & teaching involves a lot of 'back of house' work before it gets in front of your students.

This involves you knowing and understanding how our University structures work, what our institutional strategic priorities are, and how your bit of the jigsaw fits into the bigger picture. You also need to know how these procedures impact your own personal and professional development - including how you can achieve professional recognition for your work as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy or perhaps through a teaching award.

You'll find lots of useful links in this guide but you probably won't need to look at them all now, so remember that you can find them here. We recommend, however, that you bookmark this page as it will get you off to a very good start!

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UG Creative writing class

Learning & Teaching

University Structure and Governance 

The University of Dundee is organised into ten schools containing multiple disciplines. 

What is Court? Who is the Rector? Which School does my subject lie within?...

Find everything you need to know about the Schools and UoD’s governance and structure 


Staff Handbook 

Produced by Human Resources, this is a comprehensive document containing much useful information for new staff from the University strategy and policies, to car parking to pensions. 

Terms and conditions of employment 

School and Programme Handbooks

Enter your University username and password when prompted to access the handbooks associated with your modules or programmes. 

Adviser of Studies Handbook for Staff

This handbook is designed to offer a general overview of the responsibilities and challenges commonly facing Advisers of Studies, together with some practical suggestions for enhancing the effectiveness of the role.

Mandatory Training

There are several online training and policies which are mandatory to read or complete within a short time of beginning your employment at the University of Dundee. 

Basic Safety Online Training

All new staff are required to undertake this training. Core modules are augmented by specialist modules for certain workers, eg staff who work in a laboratory setting. Further information and access to the training is available here

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Online Training  

The Staff Diversity Training Programme provides staff with online training modules on equality and diversity issues, and can be found here

Please note: New staff will be registered automatically within a few weeks of starting and will receive an email with their password inviting them to login to the training website. 

IT Mandatory Training- Information Security Awareness 

This online course (Module 1 v 1.02) explains various cyber topics through the lens of a Higher Education Institution. Go through the case studies, examples, and information it holds to brush up on your knowledge. When ready, undertake the endpoint assessment to test what you know. This mandatory staff module can be found in My Dundee under My Organisations and takes up to one hour to complete. Be sure to have headphones at hand before getting started if you work in a shared area.  

→ Go to My Dundee to start your training  



The University's Annual Review Procedure for Probationary Lecturers is informed by our core value:  valuing people. It ensures that probationers are properly supported during their first years of academic life and will benefit from training, developing and mentoring opportunities that will help them make the transition to becoming an established and productive member of the University. 

Policies and documentation you will need, including the Academic Probationer’s Pack. 

Probation for Academic related staff is over a period of one year.

Terms and conditions of employment 

Objective Setting and Review (OSaR)

The OSaR process supports the University’s strategic aims of embedding and supporting a culture of performance management and improvement throughout the University to unlock the full productive capacity of staff during the challenging times ahead.  Staff meet with their line manager annually to review their achievements over the past year and set objectives for the forthcoming year.

Teaching Awards 

Currently, we have two University-wide teaching awards: The Chancellor’s Award and the Honorary Graduates’ Award for Inclusive Practice.

Teaching Awards page

In addition, some Schools have their own discipline-specific good practice awards, such as the FaME (Faculty of Medical Educators) Awards.

Dundee University Students' Union (DUSA) run the Student Led Teaching Awards (SLTAs), where teachers are nominated by their students. Every nominee gets a commemorative mug, which is a coveted item around campus!

DUSA Student Led Teaching Awards page

Archive Services

The University of Dundee Archive Services hold material relating to the University and to individuals, industry and organisations in the Tayside area and beyond.

They offer teaching and research support to students and academics from the University of Dundee and other institutions and are always keen to work with academics to use original material in their teaching.

Their extensive collections include:

  • University Collections - everything related to the history of UoD
  • NHS Tayside Archive - records from hospitals and asylums
  • Peto Collection -  a photographic archive by the Hungarian photo-journalist Michael Peto. Subjects range from Kruschev, to Margot Fonteyn, to the Beatles.
  • The Brechin Diocesan Library and Manuscripts

Watch this video from Sharon Kelly, Archives Services:

How to Use Archives in your Teaching

Duration 15:04

Video Disclaimer Text 

Video and audio content at the University is delivered via YuJa and uses closed captions generated by automatic speech recognition (ASR). The ASR process is based on machine learning algorithms which automatically transcribe voice to text. This process is 75-90% accurate and consequently video and audio closed captions may include some transcription errors. It is therefore important to recognise that the “source of truth” for all video and audio recordings in YuJa is the original audio recording and not the captions. If you require accurate captions as part of your reasonable adjustments, please contact Disability Services to discuss your requirements for quality captions. 

Professional Services

The organisational structure of professional services within the University of Dundee (including Disability Services).