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At some point you'll have been advised that information you're looking for is 'in the web pages'. It usually is but sometimes it's not always easy to find, or you don't know the correct term to search for, and there's also information you didn't actually know you needed to know!  This induction and orientation guide will signpost you to the key information you need as a student of the University.


Navigate the pages in this guide using the tabs at the top or previous/next links at the bottom.

Explore the other sections of the guide to find out about policies and guidance, mitigating circumstances, how to join clubs and societies and ideas for how to join in with the student community and more...

What is LEARN Smart?

LEARN Smart: Literacies, Enhancement, Autonomy, Research, Numeracy

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Stuff you need to know!

Our 'Stuff you need to know! section signposts you to information and resources to help support you with your studies. 

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Connected Community

See our Connected Community guide for interesting facts about the Uni, Dundee and Scotland and some fun, or just plain silly things to doDo you know what 'an ining ane ana' is? No? Well go find out! (Opens in a new window)

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