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Connected Community

Key information, events and activities for students in self-isolation. The themed menu is at the top of each page on mobile phones and similar devices and as a Left Menu on devices such as iPads, laptops and PCs. (Scroll down to see each page.)

About this Connected Community guide

This guide is for everyone in our student connected community but will be especially useful to you if you are just starting at the University. 

Don't forget to check out the information on the University's welcome pages if you are new to the University.This guide suggests some additional things you might like to do or get involved with, how to look after yourself (especially if this is your first time away from home), and how to take care of your health and mental wellbeing. 

There's information about the University and suggestions for places to visit in and around Dundee and wider afield in Scotland. We'll also remind you about some important tasks you need to do and suggest some ways to make new friends. Some will be 'must do'  or 'should do' things and others, we hope you'll find, are just for fun!

So, what can you do with your time?

Select a category from the left menu and dive right in! (If you're using a mobile phone the Menu will be at the top.)

What can I do today?



 If you've just arrived in Dundee, a warm welcome to the University of Dundee.

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A-Z Helpful guide for students

A-Z of Student Services

Student Services: A-Z guide of services for students

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You'll find a list of emergency numbers on the back page. 

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If you haven't already downloaded this booklet from the Support page here's another chance to do so.

COVID-19 Advice

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This guide was created by the Academic Skills Centre, a part of Student Services' Skills Hub.

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