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Connected Community: Self-isolation

Key information, events and activities for students in self-isolation. The themed menu is at the top of each page on mobile phones and similar devices and as a Left Menu on devices such as iPads, laptops and PCs. (Scroll down to see each page.)

Things to do when you're in self-isolation

If you are having to self-isolate or stay in your accommodation for any pandemic-related reason, for example, you are unable to travel home, or are having to self-isolate due to Covid-19 symptoms, contacts or Government guidance, this guide will give you lots to do to the pass the time.

Guidance is changing on an almost daily basis so always see the most recent University and Government advice to check what you are allowed to do, what restrictions are in place and what to do in self-isolation.

University quarantine support for international students.

Government advice to universities to assist with their planning.

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Hello! A warm welcome to the University of Dundee.

We appreciate it's difficult to come from another location to a place you probably don't know much about, at the best of times, but even more so when you then have to self-isolate. You might also be self-isolating because of COVID symptoms or contact, or just be stuck here in Dundee because you can't go home. Some of you will also be isolating in hotels in other towns, having just arrived form another country.

We've created this guide to give you some things to do over these weeks and to help make your days a bit more interesting. We suggest some things you might like to do to keep yourself busy, how to look after yourself (if this is the first time away from home), and how to maintain your health and mental wellbeing. There's information about the University and suggestions for places to visit in and around Dundee and wider afield in Scotland - once travel restrictions have been lifted.

We'll also remind you about important tasks you need to do and suggest some ways to make new friends. Some will be 'must do'  or 'should do' tasks and others, we hope you will find, are just for fun!

Students who are staying in Residences will form 'households' according to Government guidance. 

Your flat is your household and the University does its best to make sure you're allocated with people who are of similar ages, and match any preferences you might have provided. If this isn't working out for you see the Residences web page for Guidance.

Check this guidance regularly as it will be subject to change, possibly at short notice.

So, what can you do with your time?

Select a category from the left menu and dive right in! (If you're using a mobile phone the Menu will be at the top.)

What can I do today?

Welcome to Dundee

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A-Z Helpful guide for students

A-Z of Student Services

Student Services: A-Z guide of services for students

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You'll find a list of emergency numbers on the back page. 

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