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Engineering Subject Guide

Learn about key library resources for studying engineering

Key University Archive Resources in Engineering

You can use our primary source material as resources across biomedical, civil and mechanical engineering and to learn about Dundee's pioneering history in biomedical sciences. The Archives hold individual’s collections such as Peter Carmichael, as well as company records such as D J Macdonald. Looking at how engineers worked in the past can give you new insights into today's challenges. Collections include primary source material from the early 19th century, comprising photographs, maps, plans and drawings, papers and other material relating to civil engineering.

You can find items of interest by searching our archives and collections online catalogue

To find out more about the Archive go to and email with your questions.

Placing of new girders Tay Bridge 1887    Course leaflet for Biomedical Engineering ScienceTwo men working in an anechoic chamber