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E-books: EBL E-books

Finding and using our Online books

EBL books - Downloading, printing and other features

  • All EBL books can be read online
  • Login (using your usual University of Dundee details) to use interactive features, such as saving titles to your bookshelf, or making notes
  • Notes can be created on any page in the Online Reader, by going to the horizontal tab which includes NOTES.  These notes can be later accessed through the Bookmarks on your EBL Bookshelf
  • To go to your bookshelf, click on the EBL icon (top left of page), to get to the front page of the EBL site
  • Printing or Saving of a limited number of  pages is available from the top menu (COPY / PRINT).  Note that printing can only be done from a loaned copy of the book (you will be prompted to select a loan if you click on  print)
  • Books may be downloaded for offline reading for periods of  between 1 and 7 days. 
  • You will need either  Adobe Digital Editions software or Bluefire Reader (iPhones & iPads) to read EBL books (see Downloading E-books tab on this guide)
  • Go to Help/Feedback on the front page of the EBL site for further details

Most popular EBL ProQuest books from 17.02.19 - 02.17.20

Hover over the e-book cover to see the title/author details and select to view in Library Search, then sign in to view availability and access full text