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Survey Service

Help to conduct a survey or questionnaire

Survey Service Co-ordinator

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Anne Hutchison
University of Dundee - Fife Campus
Library & Learning Centre
Survey Service
Forth Avenue
01382 385934 (Anne Hutchison) or 01382 385935 (Gillian Duffus)

Library & Learning Centre Survey Service

If you need to conduct a survey or questionnaire, the Library & Learning Centre can assist you, whether you are an academic, a researcher, a student, an administrator, or external colleague involved in collaborative survey research.

Jisc Online Surveys (JOS) Tool

The key resource offered by the University is the Jisc Online Surveys (JOS) tool (formerly known as Bristol Online Surveys or BOS).  This is available to all staff and students free of charge, and is managed by the Survey Service based in the LLC.  

How to get a Jisc Online Surveys (JOS) account

Email Survey Service staff Anne Hutchison & Gillian Duffus at to request a JOS account. Alternatively, telephone Anne/Gillian on 01382 385934 / 01382 385935.

Anne/Gillian will then generate an email invite for you to join JOS.  The email invite will contain a link/url which you will click on to set up login details (email address and a password) and activate your account.

Once you have done this your invitation link will expire as your JOS account will be active.  To access the JOS survey tool on future occasions you will simply enter your JOS login details at the JOS login screen. 

A link to the JOS login screen (which you can save to your Favourites/toolbar) will be contained within a supporting information document which Survey Service staff will email to you at the same time as your invite to join JOS.

Please do not go to the Jisc Online Surveys homepage and set up a Free 30 day trial account as the University of Dundee has no control over this type of account.

Jisc Online Surveys (JOS) Supporting Information

Immediately after Survey Service staff have generated an email invite for you to join JOS, they will email you with 2 supporting information documents containing user information and an overview of JOS.  You can view/download copies of these by clicking on the links in the box below.

Jisc Online Surveys (JOS) Supporting Information Documents

Other Survey Tools

There are many free survey products available on the Internet, including SurveyMonkey, Surveygizmo and Qualtrics.  You should note, however, that data gathered and stored using these survey tools is usually the property of the host company, and often not subject to UK Data Protection regulations.  For legal and intellectual property reasons it is therefore recommended that you do not use such tools if your research or survey is being conducted on behalf of or as part of your work at Dundee University.

Statistical Analysis Tools

The University offers access to several professional-standard statistical evaluation tools to help you make sense of the data gathered from your survey or questionnaire.  These include SPSS for quantitative or statistical analysis and Nvivo if your research is more qualitative or text-based in nature.  Both these can be downloaded for free from the Apps on Demand service on staff and student PCs.