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Medical Education Subject Guide

Learn about key library resources for studying medical education

Subject Specific Journal resources or Library Search?

You can use Library Search or the individual Journal databases to search for articles.

By using the specialist resources like Medline or SCOPUS:

  • You're likely to benefit from more advanced search options, and get more precise search results. For example, you'll often get more sophisticated options for narrowing down your search, setting up alerts and choosing search terms using a built-in thesaurus.
  • Specialist resources usually just focus on particular subject areas (e.g. history, medicine, law), whereas Library Search covers all topics. Therefore, searching specialist resources should give you more focused and relevant results.
  • Library Search doesn't cover everything the Library has access to.

Finding a specific journal article using Library Search

If you are looking for a specific journal article, you can use Library Search to search for it. Enter the title of the article into the box and and select the 'Library Search' dropdown option.

Arrow pointing to search box

If you don't find the article you can try the advanced search and select title (exact) from the dropdown menu.

Finding journal articles on a topic using Library Search

You can also use Library Search to find articles on a topic of interest. Enter a few keywords or search terms and select the 'Library Search' dropdown option.

Arrow pointing to library catalogue search box

From your results you can filter to select either just Articles or Peer-reviewed Journals.

Arrows pointing to different criteria that can be used to filter results