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Literature Searching: Step 5: Accessing the search results

Follow our step-by-step guide to help you carry out a good literature search

Off campus access

If you're accessing articles/ebooks on campus then you shouldn't have any problems.

But, off campus access can sometimes be problematic.

  • Some links take you directly to the article or ebook.
  • Some links ask for your University of Dundee username and password
  • Others you will have to follow 'institutional login' process.Failing that, look for 'Shibboleth login' Simply, this means you have to tell the publisher what country you're from (choose UK), then choose the Institution (University of Dundee) and then you'll be asked for your University of Dundee username and password.

Accessing journal articles off campus

Use these videos to help you if you get stuck with accessing journal articles.

Asked to pay for a pdf? Look for institutional login. (Science Direct publisher)


Ebook access off campus

For more information & help with ebooks, try our ebook guide.

Further help...

Use this guide to help with off campus access.

Databases such as CINAHL Plus and Medline, give good examples of institutional login process. (Follow from step 2)


Or email if you need any assistance with login procedures or with using these resources