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Open Access Resources

A list of online resources and tools to help you access journal articles while off-campus.

Use of Browser Extensions

These tools are browser extensions. This means they can be added to your internet browser and provide one-click access to articles.

Some browser extensions require you to enter your Library login details to check for subscription access to articles. Always read the terms and conditions of any tools you use and be aware of potential risks to your and other's personal data.


The Unpaywall browser extension provides free access to over 25 million scholarly articles harvested from over 50,000 publishers and repositories.

When you view an article on a journal website, Unpaywall searches through its database of online sources for a freely accessible version of the article, even if it is behind a paywall.

Unpaywall logo

By Heather Piwowar and Jason Priem, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Open Access Button

Go to the Open Access Button website to search for millions of articles by title, citation, URL, or DOI. The browser extension will automatically search for a free pdf of any article you view online.

If Open Access Button cannot find a pdf of the article it requests a copy directly from the author.

Open Access Button logo


CORE harvests repositories and journal websites to create the world's biggest database of open access research articles. The CORE browser extension provides one-click access to a free, full-text version of a journal article. 

CORE searches for articles in its own database and thousands of external sources.

CORE logo

Google Scholar Button

The Google Scholar Button browser extension provides easy access to the entire Google Scholar database from any web page, not just journal webpages.

Google Scholar Button will also check to see if there is a full-text copy of an article in the Library catalogue. 

Google Scholar Button logo

Libkey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that searches the Library catalogue for a journal article you are viewing. If the Library doesn't have it then Libkey Nomad searches a for a full-text version using the Unpaywall database of 25 million articles.

The browser extension allows for one-click access to articles and does not require your University of Dundee login details to search through the Library catalogue.

LibKey Nomad logo