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Urban Planning Subject Guide

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Surveys & questionnaires

The Bristol Online Surveys (BOS) tool is used to create surveys and questionnaires. It allows complex surveys to be created, distributed and shared, plus it also allows for some data analysis.

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Note that although several web-based online survey tools exist (e.g. SurveyMonkey) be aware that, as they are hosted overseas, they are not subject to UK data protection legislation, which raises significant ethical and legal issues. It is therefore important that you use the Bristol Online Survey software in preference to free web-based tools.


Statistical analysis

The University provides several different statistical analysis tools. The most important of these is NVivo, a qualitative data analysis tool which helps you make sense of text-based/non-numerical data such as free-text or verbal responses in surveys or questionnaires. You can download NVivo from the Apps on Demand feature of the student desktop on University PCs. Here is a short video to help you get started and also a longer 'how-to' video.

In addition the University also offers SPSS. Please see the SPSS page at UoD IT.