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Social Work Subject Guide

Learn about key library resources for studying social work


Welcome to your Social Work Subject Guide! 

Here, we have gathered useful resources for you to use that will help you with your studies and assignments. They are divided in the following categories: 

  • Journal databases
  • E-books
  • Referencing
  • Websites
  • Multimedia resources

On the Home Page you will find some of the newest books in the Library Collection related to Social Work. You can also perform searches to the Library Collection using "Library Search", directly from the Subject Guide Home page. There are also some quick links to services you might find useful, such as Reading Lists, an A to Z list of all our online resources, as well as information on how to request books that are not currently part of the collection. In addition, you can find information about Inter-Library Loans (ILL), in case you need a resource that is not part of our collection but might be obtained from another library.

If you feel that you need any extra help, don't hesitate to contact us using the info on the left.

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Key University Archive Resources in Social Work

Primary source material is a valuable resource for all kinds of subjects across the University, including social work. We have extensive medical collections and papers relating to various forms of community care, including the Brittle Bone Society, and have worked closely with Social Work on projects relating to people with learning difficulties. Contact the archives to find out about early members of the University were responsible for pioneering social care in Dundee. 

You can find items of interest by searching our archives and collections online catalogue

To find out more about the Archive go to and email with your questions.

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