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Please note, due to COVID-19 operational restrictions, we are unable to measure all of our standards and temporary adjustments, or suspensions have been applied.  We hope to return to monitoring all our standards as soon as possible.

Service Standards           
Academic Year
2020 - 21
Comparison to previous year
Previous Year
2019 - 20
100% of books returned to their home library will be shelved within 24 hours


(ML Only)

                5 Gold Stars            Equal


(All Sites)

We aim that 90% of your online chat conversations will be answered within one minute 99%                 5 Gold Stars            Increase of 4% 95%
We aim that 90% of your online chat conversations will be resolved 98%                 5 Gold Stars            Increase of 1% 97%
95% of Inter Library Loan requests will be processed within 3 working days of receipt 99% 5 Gold Stars Equal 99%
90% of Inter Library Loan requests will be fulfilled within 2 weeks 100% Equal 100%
We will respond personally to your email enquiry, feedback and complaint within 1 working day and a response within 3 working days

99% Acknowledged

99% Responded

(All sites)



Decrease of 1%

99% Acknowledged

100% Responded

(All sites)

Calls to our General Enquiry telephone number (01382 384087) to be answered within 5 rings and have a voicemail facility for calls received out with our help service hours 100% Equal 100%
We aim to achieve at least 90% satisfaction rating for responses to enquiries, feedback and complaints



5 Stars Increase of 5%


We aim to achieve at least 90% satisfaction rating on Questions 19 in the National Student Survey 80% two pint five stars                 Decrease of 11% 91%

Temporarily Suspended Service Standards due to Covid-19
We aim to open all libraries 100% of their advertised hours
You will not have to wait more than 5 minutes when visiting our help points
We aim to provide a friendly, comfortable and safe study environment
We aim to resolve 90% of InfoZone or Enquiry Desk enquiries at first point of contact, referring in a timely manner the remainder to colleagues with specialist knowledge or to our partners
90% of students attending a digital skills session will agree that what they have learned will be useful in the future
We train and develop staff who are friendly, knowledgeable and committed to helping you to get the best from the library service 
We aim to achieve at least 90% satisfaction rating with the services you receive
We aim to achieve at least 90% agreement that we provide a quality library service


Working Days – Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

(Excludes Christmas Vacation period when the University closes for 2 weeks – Main Library and Robertson Trust Medical Library, Ninewells Hospital remain open as study space only)

Service Standards Reviewed and Amended - November 2018;  Service Standards Reviews, Amended and Republished January 2020;  Covid Review April 2021

Service Standards Report - Academic Year 2020-21

A report on our Service Standards for Academic Year 2020-21 - the standards, how they were measured and our achievement.