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Online book recommendation forms

We have three tailored resource recommendation forms. Using the appropriate one should provide the LLC with all the information required to pursue your suggestion. Don't forget to check Library Search first to see whether we already have the item you require. 

  • If you are a student suggesting a resource for addition to the Library please use this form
  • If you are a member of staff suggesting a resource for addition to the Library please use this form
  • If you are a member of staff requesting that the Library purchase a resource for use within your own department please use this form.

We will process your recommendation as soon as possible. If you need to contact us about it, please email

A selection of More Books requested by students and added to the LLC 19.04.19 - 29.08.19

Hover over the book cover to see the title/author details and select to view in Library Search, then sign in to view availability and location of print texts and if available as an e-book, access full text

Library Search

  • Library Search is a good starting point to help you find books, journal articles and other useful resources held at the University of Dundee
  • If you are looking for a particular title, put it in inverted commas, eg  "Jute no more : transforming Dundee"
  • for general searches to find a range of materials about your topic, put a few keywords into the search box, and take a look at the results
  • Results can be narrowed down by adding further keywords
  • Results can also be focused by selecting particular resources or time periods from the left hand menu

Recommend a book - From Students

More Books - a book recommendation service for students

Students can also use the More Books service to request extra copies or to recommend books which are not on ReadingLists@Dundee but may be useful for your studies, a dissertation, thesis or project.

Send the details of the book and why you need it, using your email address to  (or send using the appropriate online book recommendation form for students) and we'll do our best to respond to your request as quickly as possible.

Suggestions are welcome from all students, however this service should benefit final year students in particular, who may need books on more specialised areas.

Note: For the More Books service the LLC policy is to purchase an e book, if available as this is the quickest method of purchasing a book. Print books can take up to 3 weeks to arrive in the Library and Learning Centre. Please advise if a print version is preferred. We may contact you to discuss alternative options if, for example, the book requested is too expensive or difficult to purchase/source quickly, we may suggest an Inter-Library Loan. To find out more, please refer to the Inter-Library-Loans box on this page.

A selection of academic requests 19.04.19 - 29.08.19

Hover over an image to see title and author details, then select to view in Library Search and sign in to view availability, location, or to place a print hold request in Library search.

Recommend a Resource - From Staff

Recommend a resource - for academic staff 

Material for collection development, or for research purposes across any subject discipline can be requested by staff by e-mailing: send using the appropriate online book recommendation form for staff).

Please check using the 'Search the Library' box at the top of this page, to make sure the item/resource is not already in stock, if not found then either cut and paste the link details into your e-mail using your '' e-mail address. Alternatively give the author, title, edition, publisher, date and the preferred format. Please note you will be notified when the item is ordered (subject to availability and funds permitting) and a 'Hold' will be placed under your name. You will be sent an e-mail to advise you when the item is ready to collect.

Inter-Library Loans

You can apply for an ILL when you need a book, journal or journal article not held in our collection. Find out more.

Reservation requests also known as Hold requests

Reservations or Hold requests 

If a current stock book/item is already out on loan and no other copies are on the library shelves, please remember to place a 'Reservation request' also known as a 'Hold request' via the Library Search Instructions can be found at:  then scroll down to the heading 'How do I place a reservation request?

Placing a Reservation/Hold request immediately, is a great way to let the library staff know that there is a demand for a current stock book/or DVD item and can speed up the process for recall notices to be sent to users with the items, to ask them to return them (within 7 days). In some instances Reservation/Hold requests can trigger either an Inter-Library-Loan request, or an additional print/or e-book copies to be purchased if applicable, to meet the demands of student and staff requests.