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Reading Lists: What is a reading list?

Getting set up and started


Benefits to staff

Staff find reading lists:

  • easy to create and edit lists
  • easy to add/remove resources
  • easy to link through to modules on MyDundee

Other plus points:

  • a wide variety of different types of resources can be added
  • digitised articles/book chapters are integrated with reading list
  • organise the list in any way you like
  • reading lists can be integrated within learning materials and throughout MyDundee module

Set importances to ensure that the library stock is available for students:

Citation styles allows students to use their reading list to help with their assignment reference lists:

What's it all about then?

The Library’s online reading lists service allows you to create a list of resources for each of your modules which are easily accessible for the students.

  1. You can organise it in such a way that suits your module e.g. by week, by topic or by resource type. Any way that you want.
  2. The lists can run for semesters, calendar year, academic year. 
  3. Each list can have a variety of resources including, books, ebooks, journal articles, websites, youtube videos, podcasts. Anything that you want.
  4. The list links easily with MyDundee. 
  5. You can add sections to learning materials throughout the MyDundee module.


A selection of Reading List titles added to the LLC 30.08.19 - 28.12.19

Use the arrow keys to scroll through the book covers and select an image for more details, the library location, or to place a hold request in Library search.

Benefits to students

Students find reading lists:

  • easy to use
  • easy to access

All of their module resources are:

  • available in the one place
  • arranged in such a way that ties in with their learning materials

Some particularly like reading list features:

 where students can write their own personal notes about a resource

a direct link to online resources

Reading Lists - top tips from LLC staff

Have a look at these top tips from LLC staff: