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Reading Lists: Rollover

Getting set up and started

What is Rollover?

At the end of each semester, academic year and calendar year, we have to archive old lists to allow lists for new semester, academic year and/ord calendar year to be visible.


Well, it means that the database is up-to-date and current and not clogged up with numerous different lists for the same modules

We also need to end and renew any digitisation requests

It's an opportunity for everyone to have a look at their reading lists and evaluate whether the lists is being used well.

Having a look at the  in the edit screen can tell you how many times a resource has been looked at or accessed.

Changing from draft to publish...

It is important that a module's reading list is comprehensive and up-to-date, and accurately reflects the way the module will be taught.

When we rollover, we create a copy of the previous list. This is in until it is published 


Please remember that students cannot see draft lists, so it's really important that the list is published.


What about old lists?

We are aware that some students require access to certain lists after roll over dates. So archived lists are available.

Check out the archived lists for more information and how to access the Excel spreadsheets.

* please that that digitised materials are not available in archived lists*

If you experience any difficulty, or cannot locate the list you require, contact the Reading List team.