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Reading Lists: Publish your list & Linking to MyDundee

Getting set up and started

changing from draft to published

Only publish when you are ready for the students to get access to the reading list. You can still add/delete/organise a reading list once published but you would have to publish again. 

**We advise that you publish as little times as possible. As soon as you publish, library staff start checking the availability of stock, whether we have enough copies of 'essential' texts, check elinks and organise digitisation requests. We check every reading list every time it is published**

A dialog box appears - it's really important that we know how many students (even approximately) are on the module as this is how we work out the ratio of books to students  for key texts.

You know your reading list is published as a message appears that the list is being reviewed and the DRAFT symbol disappears.

See our check, edit, publish information.

Adding your reading list to MyDundee

The process for linking your online reading list to the relevant My Dundee module(s) has changed.

As an Instructor on a 2019/20 My Dundee module, you will still see Reading List as a menu option (note that the other menu options will vary according to your School’s chosen template).


However, the link is no longer activated automatically when the reading list changes from Draft to Published. For your students to be able to see the list you will need to do the following.

Click on the Reading List menu option. You will be connected to the Reading Lists site. You may need to log in to see a preview of the list.

Check that the correct reading list is displayed; if it is not, click on the cross on the blue circle and search for the list you require.

The default of The list is the correct option to choose and save as this will enable the entire reading list to be accessed from the main menu. This is the equivalent of what used to happen automatically:

The reading list is now available for students to see in MyDundee module.