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Reading Lists: FAQs

Getting set up and started

I don't have time to do this. Can anyone help me?


We understand that everyone has time constraints, so we have staff who can help set up, organise and add to your reading list. The important thing is to get the reading list published for the students to use effectively.

Let us know if you need help -

What is the University Policy on Reading Lists?

Check out this guidance on University Policy on Reading and Resource Lists

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

I'm not getting access to the reading list

The only people that get access to edit any reading list are the staff who teach on the module - we take this information from details in MyDundee.

So, each list should be 'owned' by the module leader. If you can't get access and need to add or organise a section of the reading list, get in touch with with the module leader or library staff who can 'invite' you onto the list as an editor e.g.

An email (from Talis) will be sent to the email address. It may come through to your Clutter folder:

How do I know if the list is working properly?

When any list is published, library staff start a review process.

This means that we check:

  • all links work
  • that we have enough hard copy books of essential readings (this is why it's important to let us know how many students are expected on the module)
  • digitisation requests are processed



I've seen a resource on another reading list. How can I add this to my list?

It's really easy to 'copy' a resource from another reading list and add to your own. Follow the below instructions: