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Reading Lists: Step 2: Bookmarklet tool

Getting set up and started


For the reading list software to work, you must add the bookmarklet button on every PC/laptop that you use.

We advise you use Google Chrome as your browser.

You can add the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar OR you add the extension to your browser

This is the most complicated part of Reading Lists. Once you have this set up, it's very easy to add resources and edit your reading lists!

1. bookmarklet bar

You need to set up the bookmarklet tool once to begin using reading list software. Follow these easy steps:

1. Click on to use Google Chrome

2. click on last icon (could be 3 dots or ! ) at search bar:

3. click on bookmarks and click on show bookmarks bar - a tick should appear:

4. A thick grey will appear underneath your search bar:


1. Log In to  reading lists

2. click on My Bookmarks:

3.  Then click on Install Bookmark Button:

4. A dialog box appears, press next, then you will see:


4. Click once and hold simultaneously Add to my Bookmarks, then drag and drop add to my bookmarks to your toolbar. This may take a few attempts. If you get:

 it is unsuccessful. Try again until you get the + sign


5. You should have the add to my bookmarks in your grey bookmarks bar now -

6. Click next and close the dialog box.

Once you install this bookmarklet tool, then you're ready to start bookmarking (or adding) resources to your reading list.


Bookmarklet extension

If you'd like to try the bookmarklet extension, please see the help and instructions from Talis (our Reading List supplier) - 

Installing the bookmarklet extensions for Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox

Using the bookmarklet tool with IPad