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Reading Lists: Adding sections into MyDundee learning materials

Getting set up and started

Why add sections?

Sections from reading lists can be integrated wiithin learning materials in MyDundee. It means the reading list:

  • can be tailored to co-exist and integrate with the way learning materials are organised in MyDundee
  • students will use the resources relevant to each learning unit
  • by chunking resources into sections, your reading list usage will increase

The complete reading list will still be available from the menu in MyDundee

How to add sections in MyDundee module

If you would like to add reading list sections to your learning materials in MyDundee:

Go to your learning materials in MyDundee.

Click on Tools and Reading List Section

The following screen appears:

Complete and Submit.

Click on Title of section

Select the section you want and click Save

The following screen appear - choose the correct reading list section from the pull down menu and Save:


Readings for this section will appear

Use crumb trail at the top of screen to go back to learning materials:

crumb trail

The reading list section covers the screen (without menu panel in left hand side):

Advise students to use the crumb trail to return back to mydundee module (an announcement on the module might explain this)


Points to consider:
  • A reading list section can be added to more than one location in MyDundee (e.g. assessment as well as learning material unit)
  • Sections are not rolled over at the end of semester/academic year to new draft version