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Isolation countdown guide Festive page

Things to do in isolation

Early welcome

The isolation countdown guide for students arriving in Dundee for Semester 2 will be available from 9 January 2021 - put the date in your diary!

In the guide you'll find a range of information, for example, you will need to know about getting started at University, some fun things to do to help avoid boredom, and suggestions for getting to know other people. We've also included some facts about the University, Dundee and Scotland that you might not know. 

If you're already in isolation, or have to stay in Dundee over the festive period, scroll down for some things to do.

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Let's start with a couple of ASC pages you might want to visit and bookmark:

Staying in Dundee?

Staying in Dundee?

If you have to stay in Dundee over the festive period have a look at Christmas and New Year at the University of Dundee and the University's festive events. There are a few that you won't be able to attend in person if you're in isolation but there's lots for you to be involved in virtually! 


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash 

Dundee Culture blog

Dundee University Culture Blog

The Blog has over 400 posts about cultural activity at the University to browse through.

They welcome content - why not tell them about anything you are doing - drawing, writing, playing music, making things - send photos, a blog or even a film to

Government Guidelines

Remember to check the latest Government Guidelines

IT tip a day

Student Services

Student Services & Enquiry Centre

All Student Services are currently available and offering a wide range of support

Details and hours

Kindness calendar

Self-isolating on arrival

Remember to read the information on the University's Self-isolating on Arrival page

Where is home?

Tell us where you're from!

While you wait for Day 1 of the guide to be revealed why not use our map of the world to let others know where your 'home' is. 

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Museum of the Home is documenting how our home lives are changing during the coronavirus pandemic. Together they have worked to develop a student-specific section of Stay Home, to ensure your unique experiences are represented in this new national collecting project. They ask you to share your experience of  what 'home' means to you right now? 

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