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Anatomy & Human Identification: Websites

Tips on evaluating websites

The 5Cs website evaluation provides a structured guide to evaluation, giving tips and suggesting key considerations. The 5Cs are the key areas that need to be addressed in a comprehensive evaluation: credibility, currency, content, construction and clarity.


  • Is it obvious where the information has come from, i.e. can you clearly identify the author or organisation involved in producing the information?
  • Does the resource contain sufficient detail about the author.organisation?
  • Are the author/editor/organisation and publisher well-established and reputable?
  • Is the author acknowledged as an expert in the field?
  • Is the information published in a quality source (a peer-reviewed journal or a credible personal/organisational website)?
  • Look at the web address for clues. Is it or .edu (educational), for example, or .com (commercial)?


  • Is it clear when the resource was published?
  • If the resource is a website, is it updated regularly?
  • Does the date of publication meet your requirements?
  • Is the information current or obsolete?
  • Are there broken links?


  • Is the information accurate and free from errors? (Check spelling, grammar, calculations etc.)
  • Is the information complete?
  • Are there adverts for products? The aim of the website may be commercial, and the information biased towards these products
  • Is there anything missing from the website, which you would expect to see?
  • Does the website give a balnced view, or is it positively or negatively biased?


  • Are the graphics and fonts appropriate for the level of information you require? As you would expect?
  • Can you find information easily?
  • Are there pop-ups, adverts, flashing lights and graphics, which distract you?
  • What are your first impressions?
  • Is the information well organised and easy to find?


  • Is the level of writing appropriate for the target group? Secondary school or University level?
  • Who is the website aimed at? Professional group or the general public?
  • Is the information accessible in different formats?


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