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Connected Community: Self-isolation

Key information, events and activities for students in self-isolation. The themed menu is at the top of each page on mobile phones and similar devices and as a Left Menu on devices such as iPads, laptops and PCs. (Scroll down to see each page.)

About this page

On this page we'll focus on things relating to study

We hope this guide is proving to be useful in helping you make the most of your time in isolation. This page will focus on some things relating to your studies. 

Find out what changes have been made to learning and teaching facilities, meeting spaces, studios, labs, and libraries on campus: Learning and teaching facilities and Covid-19 safety

Academic Skills Centre

The Academic Skills Centre

ASC is part of Student Services and our role is to support and advise staff and students in the development of their academic skills. We deliver programmes, workshops and sessions throughout the year and will be continuing to do this in a blended or online format for the coming semester. 

Find out more about the services we offer

Academic Skills for Students

Student Resources

One-to-One Tutor Appointments

We are also fortunate to have not just one but two RLF Fellows working with us to support you in your writing. You will find more information about this service on the RLF page

Bites Series

Time Management Bites

Essay Bites

Exam Bites

Revision Bites

Lightning Sessions

30 min workshops

These sessions have now finished but you can watch recordings of previous sessions on a range of topics

 Look out for the next series of sessions staring Weeks 0 - 2, Semester 1, 2021/22.

Effective Revision (Recording Available)

  • Ever feel like you’ve spent hours re-reading and highlighting your notes, but you still can’t remember a thing? Watch this session to learn the most effective, active revision techniques to help you learn more in less time.

Revision Research (Recording Available)

  • Many online exams require you to cite sources, but how do you research in such limited time? This session will help you prepare well for your exam so that you can cite like a pro, even under time pressure.

Revising for Online Exams (Recording Available)

  • Online exams often follow a different format than traditional exams. Watch this session to learn how to prepare, research, practice, and write your online exams.

Writing Online Exams (Recording Available)

  • Writing an exam at home feels very different from an exam hall, but that doesn’t mean it has to be harder! This session will cover the technical aspect of online exams, and how to prioritise your time during the exam.



Student Glossary of University Terms

Do you find the acronyms and terms used across the University confusing? This glossary will help you to find out what most commonly used ones mean. This glossary will help you understand the acronyms and terms used across the University.

Online Learning Glossary

A quick round up of the most common acronyms and terms used to refer to online learning.

Blended Learning Resources for Students

Blended Learning Resources for Students

This organisation is designed to support you in your transition to Online Learning. We know that doing all your work online - particularly revising and writing exams - can be challenging. In this organisation you can find helpful content from across the University to support you during this revision period.

Login to My Dundee using your UoD credentials to see the resources. 

Student guide

A Student's Guide to Working From Home


A Student's Guide to Working from Home

Opens in Sway

Photo by Dan Nelson on Unsplash

Eat the frog

Time to eat that frog!

Do you find it hard to get motivated - watch this video for inspiration. 

Duration 04:41

Writing LEARN SMart

Academic Writing section in LEARN Smart

Go to page or use access the Sway below.

You'll find more academic skills advice on LEARN Smart

Critical thinking

Critical Thinking

Opens in Sway


Here's a few tools for you to  check out

Grammarly is a free writing and plagiarism checker tool

Cite Them Right (on campus)

Cite Them Right (off campus login)


For the latest information see the LLC Home page.

Library and Learning Centre 

Chat with the Library online 

Diaries and journals

Academic Journals and reflections

On the Mental Health and Wellbeing page we suggested you might want to start keeping a personal journal, in what ever format takes your fancy.

Now we ask you to think about academic learning reflective journals.

You might have found over these past few months, that even when the day might drag, time can pass very quickly. Most of us forget things, or don't remember them quiet as accurately as we think we do as time passes.

Academic journals are becoming quite common practice in learning and teaching. You might be asked to maintain a reflective journal as part of your module requirements. Sometimes this is just for you, or you might share with your tutor, or you might be able to choose who else you share it with. 

See this toolkit created by our colleagues at Edinburgh University for more about reflective writing

Keeping a reflective log/journal of your own learning journey is also a useful, and often enjoyable, thing to do as well and by the time you are ready to collect your degree you can look back at this journey through your journal.

Duration 01:45



Most schools will be using Collaborate as a virtual classroom to support blended learning activities in their programmes and modules. 

Collaborate is delivered through the University's virtual learning environment (VLE), My Dundee, delivered by Blackboard.

You will be invited to any virtual sessions by your tutor. 

Get started with Collaborate - see the interface of a Collaborate session and available features.



Turnitin is the University's assessment and feedback tool 

Many schools ask you to use Turnitin to submit your work through My Dundee.

LTI Student explains Turnitin.


Read more


This guide was created by the Academic Skills Centre, a part of Student Services' Skills Hub.

You can contact us at