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Connected Community: Self-isolation

Key information, events and activities for students in self-isolation. The themed menu is at the top of each page on mobile phones and similar devices and as a Left Menu on devices such as iPads, laptops and PCs. (Scroll down to see each page.)

Living with housemates

Living with housemates. The best thing ever - or the biggest challenge?

Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash

We appreciate you might be isolating in a hotel before starting your studies in Dundee. Although a lot of the information on this page is directed at those who will be living in Student Residences, there are still things that will be relevant to you. Don't take my word for it, scroll down a bit for some ideas about how you might use white hotel towels! 

If you are an international student or have children, don't miss the LiVE Smart section near the bottom of this page.

You can make friends for life during your time at university, but you also need to learn how to compromise, accept others for who they are and understand that not everyone may have the same priorities as you! Unlike the student in the picture you will have to stick to the guidelines for keeping everyone safe while you are isolating, but hopefully this won't be for much longer.

5 ways to survive living with housemates


Read the Government Guidance on what you should do in isolation. Remember this will be subject to change. 

Students who are staying in Residences will form 'households' according to Government guidance. 

Check this guidance regularly as it will be subject to change, possibly at short notice.

Your flat is your household and the University does its best to make sure you're allocated with people who are of similar ages, and match any preferences you might have provided. If this isn't working out for you see the Residences web page for Guidance.

Moving in to student accomodation

Map where is home?

Where is home?

Post a pin on the map...

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First time on your own?

If you are living away from home for the first time LIVE Smart has a whole section on how to cope.

There's information on how to deal with living with others, learning to eat well and cook for yourself, tips for cleaning and setting up a cleaning rota, how to do your laundry at university and much more.

In Scotland we would say you will be 'learning to fend for yourself'.

(See more about the Dundee dialect and Scottish language on our Dundee and Scotland page)

There's also lots of good advice in How to survive shared living

Food and drink quiz

How much do you know about food and drink? 

Here's a quiz that lets you test your knowledge against virtual opponents.

Start the quiz

Here's one if you just want to test yourself.

Start the quiz

Ordering your shopping online

Get your groceries delivered

You can register with an online grocery delivery service to have groceries delivered to your flat while you are self-isolating. Make sure to note that you are self-isolating when you order. This will make sure that delivery is contact free.
• Minimum spend £40
• Accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express

• Minimum spend £40. Orders under £40 are given a £3 surcharge.
• UK credit and debit cards only.

• Minimum spend £35
• UK credit and debit cards only.

• Minimum spend £40
• Accepts Visa MC, American Express

You may wish to consider arranging an online bank account in advance if need be, arrange a supermarket account now and book a delivery appointment for after your arrival (supermarket delivery services can sometimes be in high demand and have a 2 week waiting list).

Self-Isolating comes with practical challenges, but it is vital for the safety of our community that we all do our best to stick to the guidance, and limit the number of times we come into contact with others.

Once you are out of any quarantine period, you will have more freedom to go out shopping - remember you must wear a face covering in every shop in Scotland. 

Food shopping in a new country can be really exciting, though sometime also a bit daunting.There are several good supermarkets within walking distance of the city campus, including a huge Tesco and a Lidl.  When you are out of isolation take a tour around the local supermarkets and find your favourite!

You'll find more about food deliveries on the University's Self-isolating page


Have you cooked for yourself before?

While we all enjoy a take-away they are expensive and not always the healthiest of meals.

However, cooking can also be dangerous! 

Watch famous Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay as he shows you how to master 5 basic cooking skills while still keeping all your fingers intact!  He looks at cooking rice, chopping an onion, sharpening a knife, deboning a fish and cooking pasta. 

(Duration 07:33)

Does that put you in the mood for cooking?

Have a look at the page below for great simple recipes for students - and get cooking for yourself and your flatmates!

Easy student recipes

You'll find lots more tips and recipes on LIVE Smart Cooking for yourself and eating well 


What can you do with a bunch of towels?

Image of white towels

Have a competition in your household to see who can make the best towel animal of course - what else would you do!

Watch these videos to learn how it's done. No towels were harmed in the making of these videos!

If you have white towels that are beginning to look a bit grubby learn how to keep them white

Managing money

How well do you manage your money?

Managing money well is a skill that not all students have fully developed! 

Are you good with money? Can you make what you have last a long time or does it always seem to run out way too quickly?  Are you 'making ends meet'?

Watch this Money Advisory Service video for advice on balancing your finances and time. 

Duration 02:10

University guide to Managing your money as a student 

The University's Student Funding Service

Save the Student

Top Tips

7 Top tips for managing time as a student

Visit the site

The Great Dundee Bake-off!

How's your baking skills?

Why not have a bake-off within your flat? Bake something from your own country, or try some easy Scottish  recipes. Taste test and decide who should be awarded the Best Baker crown! 

Easy Scottish Shortbread

Granny's Scottish Scones

Porridgies - a recipe from a much-loved Scottish Children's book series called Katie Morag about a little girl's adventures living on the fictional island of Struay.

More advice on living away from home

You will find lots more good advice on these LIVE Smart pages:

Living Away from Home

International Students

Students With Children



Buzz quiz

Here's a just for fun quiz!

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There are 16 possible results - all connected with an animal! Are you one of the sea animal, bear, birds or cat groups?

Explore the animal types

A-Z Helpful guide for students

Student Services: A-Z guide of services for students

An accessible version of this document is available at

You'll find a list of emergency numbers on the back page. 

Download the PDF


This guide was created by the Academic Skills Centre, a part of Student Services' Skills Hub.

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