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Connected Community: Self-isolation

Key information, events and activities for students in self-isolation. The themed menu is at the top of each page on mobile phones and similar devices and as a Left Menu on devices such as iPads, laptops and PCs. (Scroll down to see each page.)

Learn more about the University of Dundee

Dundee is a great place to study, work and live, and gets more than the national average of sunshine! 

As you can't explore for yourself just now, we'll give you a taste of what your campus looks like in preparation for you arriving in Dundee and exploring, when it's safe to do so. 

This is your campus

Explore the campus in this student l​​​​ed virtual tour

See the Events page for details of online campus visits

(Duration: 09:18)

Virtual campus - blended learning

Find out what your campus looks like

At the moment it looks as if we will all be operating in a virtual campus or a blended learning environment for a while yet. Although you might not have the opportunity to explore campus areas just yet, you can see what your City Campus looks like and a list of services that are available to you.  

Discover your campus

Virtual Tour

Guide on social distancing on campus

Download a printable version of the City Campus map Online interactive map


Campus Security Services

The University takes its security responsibilities seriously. If you experience anything untoward when you are on campus, need to report an incident or just want advice contact Security

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