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Connected Community: Self-isolation

Key information, events and activities for students in self-isolation. The themed menu is at the top of each page on mobile phones and similar devices and as a Left Menu on devices such as iPads, laptops and PCs. (Scroll down to see each page.)

Connected Community

Connected Community

You are part of a unique, connected community: what you do outside of your studies is just as important as what you do while learning.

Find out more about how you can get involved in extra-curricular activities in your connected community.



Are you looking to get involved in Volunteering? Joining a club or Society? Getting Active in Sports? But don’t know where to start? Have you never thought of getting involved, or think extra-curricular activities are not for you?

You need SWITCH The University's Student Wellbeing Initiative Targeting Community Health

Dundee University Culture blog

Are you a blogger, or would like to be? 

Dundee University Culture Blog has over 400 posts about cultural activity at the University to browse through. They welcome content - why not tell them about anything you are doing - drawing, writing, playing music, making things - send photos or a blog or film to

Follow the UoD Student blog

Student Blog

Virtual meetings

Virtual Teams Meetings

There are lots of apps that will let you meet up virtually and you will probably be used to using apps such as Zoom or Teams already. 

You can use Teams through your UoD account. Some of  the teaching delivery might also be through Teams so it's a good idea to become familiar with it. See this page for information on setting up and using Teams and about working and studying remotely (look under IT).


DUSA is the University's student union. 

Wherever you are studying, whether it's on campus or online, find out about your student union and how you can get involved with the Student Rep system.

Explore DUSA societies online and the latest status on their services.



Giving your time and expertise to a charity or voluntary organisation brings many benefits, both for your own development and in helping a cause you believe in. Find out more about volunteering in Dundee and look for current volunteering opportunities on the Volunteering page.

Dundee Plus

Dundee Plus Awards

There are lots of good reasons to get involved in University life outside your studies – to broaden your horizons, meet people and gain new skills. It can also help when it comes to looking for a job after your studies, with many graduate recruiters saying they’re most interested in what students have done outside their course. Some extra-curricular activities are being offered in online or blended formats this year, but there’s still lots you can get involved in – just a few of which are highlighted here. Why not spend some time reviewing your options, and decide which opportunities are the right ones for you?


Get recognition

Taking up any of these opportunities, or doing something else you enjoy alongside your studies, can enable to you apply for an extra award from the University. We offer a range of official Dundee Plus skills awards, which you can apply for to recognise the skills you’ve gained through getting involved in activities outside your studies, and to demonstrate these to potential employers.



We offer a range of official Dundee Plus skills awards, which you can apply for to recognise the skills you’ve gained through getting involved in activities outside your studies, and to demonstrate these to potential employers.

Find out more about Leadership Plus

Who are you

Do you know who you are?

Spending time alone in isolation can be tough, but it might also have offered you some valuable time for reflection.

Just like University is a great time to meet new people, it can also be a really exciting opportunity to get to know yourself better. Why not take advantage of your time in self-isolation to do this quiz?

16 Personalities Quiz

This quiz measures four different aspects of your personality and generates a personality profile based on the Myers-Briggs personality types. The quiz won't get everything right, of course, but it can act as a springboard for deeper self-reflection.

LEARN Smart LIVE Smart

LIVE Smart and LEARN Smart

Just Starting will  give you lots of ideas on how to make friends, become part of the academic community and you can also find out how to get involved in your education through Student Engagement.

Your Student Community looks at the University's diverse community.

Meeting People Sway

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Institute for Sport and Exercise (ISE)

Institute of Sport and Exercise

The Institute of Sport and Exercise (ISE) provides opportunities for participation in sport and exercise for the University community, including sports clubs, exercise classes and gym and swimming pool access.

The ISE (ISE) and Sports Union offer the chance to take part in a huge range of sport and exercise opportunities, whether you’re an expert or a complete novice. These are a great way to meet new people and get fit at the same time!

Keep up to date with their News

Multicultural Awareness

Intercultural Awareness

In a multicultural world, most of us need at least some intercultural awareness skills every day.

Visit Skills You Need

For more like this see LIVE Smart  Interpersonal Communication

English for International Students (EIS)

English for International Studies Wellbeing Community on Microsoft Teams

EIS offer a wellbeing community in Teams where you can get support, or offer it to fellow International students. Request to join

Studying online during COVID-19 outbreak

Looking after your wellbeing

Friends International

Friends International

A Christian charity that works in partnership with universities, churches and other organisations, offering their services to international students and research workers of any faith or none.

Friends International Homepage

Friends International Facebook page

Friends International welcome video

Global Room


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