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Student Services January 14 Day Countdown

Things to do in isolation

Principal's Day of Rest

Day 10: Final day of your isolation but remember there are still 4 more days to be revealed in the guide!

The rules in Scotland may have changed since you went into isolation so make sure you are aware of any changes by visiting Scottish Government's COVID19

Latest updates for students from the University

Today we'll focus on a few ways to chill out and relax a bit and remind you to check you've done all you should have in preparation for getting out of isolation and starting your studies. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the topics of the next four days

Have a home spa

Time to relax

Why not book your bathroom for an hour (even better if you have your own en-suite) and create a home spa experience?

image of woman's head  relaxing with cucumber on his eyes

Photo by Adrian Motroc on Unsplash

You'll need:

1. Your comfiest robe and slippers 

2.  A nice big towel or two

3. Room spray or perfume to give that spa scent!

4. Relaxing music - there are loads of typical 'spa-type' tracks on YouTube

5. Soft lighting - but remember no candles are allowed in student residences

Homemade beauty treatments

If you don't have many beauty products, why not make some of your own?

More ideas

If this all sounds a bit much for you, why not just switch off your phone and run a deep bubble bath, or have a relaxing shower for some undisturbed relaxation?

Showers can be just as relaxing as baths

Relaxing sounds

Underrated movie scores

What's your sound?

There are lots of good movie soundtracks that fall under the radar, The Da Vinci Code - Chevaliers de Sangreal being one of them, listen to it below. 

You can find more at the Student Pocket Guide

Duration 04:02

Then there's classic sound tracks like this!

Game of Thrones - Main Theme (Extended) HD

Duration 04:16

Catch Up

Now's a good time to catch up on those boxed sets you've always been meaning to watch!  



Like puzzles?

If puzzles are more your thing visit this site to find lots to keep you busy! 

Go to site

Image and link to Puzzle Prime Home page


Share your interests

Start up a book club, get your flatmates involved and share online too  - use Residences FB. 

You will all have your own favourites, how does this vary across countries? Do you have a book from your country that is read that any of your flatmates from other countries have read?

Harpers 27 Best Books of 2020

Don't forget you can access online fiction free from the Library using your UoD credentials. 

Visit the library

The Great Dundee Bake-off!

How's your baking skills?

Why not have a bake-off within your flat? Bake something from your own country, or try some easy Scottish  recipes. Taste test and decide who should be awarded the Best Baker crown! 

Easy Scottish Shortbread

Granny's Scottish Scones

Porridgies - a recipe from a much-loved Scottish Children's book series called Katie Morag about a little girl's adventures living on the fictional island of Struay.

Page form Big Katie Morag cookbook - a recipe for porridge

Image from Big Katie Morag Storybook by Mairi Hedderwick (pub. Red Fox 1996)

Film Recommendations

Movies and catch ups

Photo by Thandy Yung on Unsplash

Do you recognise this film?

 If not the answer is below. 

Have you been watching a lot of films recently?

Use apps such as Wakelet to share your favourite films and TV shows. Who knows,  maybe you'll find a new favourite show to binge during your final days of quarantine? 

Don't want to watch on your own?

There are all kinds of ways you can watch films with others online, so why not start a watch party with friends or family, or invite some of your peers in quarantine to join you? 

Get some ideas

Friends and family

Get to know each other!

One way of getting conversations going is to introduce your flatmates to your friends and family online, What about a quiz night with them using Teams, Zoom or another app of your choice. Just do a search for quizzes and you;ll get loads of results. Alternatively, if your family played any games using pencil and paper - share these instead of having even more screen time. 

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash


Newspaper tower

Who can make the tallest tower from newspapers?

Challenge your flatmates  - allocate the same number of sheets to everyone and set the clock ticking.

Compete against each other solo, in pairs or teams. You could always team up across households and battle virtually between teams.

Take some pictures to post on your group's Residences FB page! 


Photo by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral on Unsplash

Student blog

Keep up to date with the University of Dundee's Student blog

Go to the blog


Try this quick quiz about Dundee that our EIS colleagues created using Kahoot!

We've looked at Dundee already so you should have a lot of knowledge you can use to challenge your flatmates. See who gets the answers correct in the shortest time but decide on the forfeit for the loser first!

Start the quiz

image of Tay Bridge

Photo by Thomas Mills on Unsplash




The answer to, do you know what movie this is?:

Lord of the RIngs

If you've not seen Lord of the Rings watch this clip...

Duration 02:55

Your degree explained

Your degree explained...

We'll be focussing on our Careers Service later in the week so look out for that!

Coming up!

If you've been looking at a page a day this will take you up to your last day of self-isolation. We hope this guide has kept you interested during this time and you have perhaps learned something hew about your University, Dundee and Scotland.  

As this guide was created when the isolation guidelines were for 14 day you still have 4 pages to be revealed. 

Day 11: Getting involved in University life

Day 12: Day 12: We will focus on the the Centre for Entrepreneurship's  various programmes and events on offer and tell you how you can get involved. 

Day 13: Focus on your career

Day 14: Today we'll focus on a few more ways to chill out and relax and we've also thrown in a mix of other things. 



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This guide was created by the Academic Skills Centre, a part of Student Services. You can contact us at