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Student Services January 14 Day Countdown

Things to do in isolation

About this page

Day 6: Today we will focus on some things about your studies

You will probably have spent these first few days settling in, adjusting to your new environment and getting to know your new household. We hope this guide is proving to be useful in helping you in doing that. This page will look at some things relating to your studies. 

Academic Skills Centre

The Academic Skills Centre

ASC is part of Student Services and our role is to support and advise staff and students in the development of their academic skills.

We deliver programmes, workshops and sessions throughout the year and will be continuing to do this in a blended or online format for the coming semester. You will see some of our resources on this Day 6 page and can find more on this ASC page

We are fortunate to have not just one but two RLF Fellows working with us to support you in your writing. You will find more information about this service on the RLF page at the start of Semester, 

If you don't find the answer you are looking for in our resources we are continuing to offer academic skills appointments by email or meeting online. You can find  more information about our tutor online one-to-one service in the short video below, or go to our One-to-one support page for more details.

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Find out more about the services we offer

Academic Skills for Students

Student Resources

Maximising your devices

Advice from UoD IT on how to make best use of your devices.

If you have your connections and devices sorted as best you can it will take some of the stress off you when you are trying to work and study remotely. 

Maximise your online experience when remote working

UoDIT Newsletter

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Using MS Sway

How to  use Sway

Some of the content in the 14 Day Countdown  guide has been created using Microsoft Sway.

If you've never used Sway before, we've created this one which will guide you through the steps. Just follow the instructions. Use the icon with four arrows to open the Sway full screen.


Journaling is extremely beneficial; it's been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and it also provides a valuable space for self-reflection.

Yet, in the busyness of day-to-day life, most of us struggle to find the time to journal. 

Now you're, in self-isolation, why not take a minute to write down your thoughts? You can write whatever you want, or check out this selection of journaling prompts for people in self-isolation.

New to journaling?

Check out these tips for people who are terrible at keeping a journal if you need some inspiration!

Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

Student guide

A Student's Guide to Working From Home

Opens in Sway

A Student's Guide to Working from Home

Photo by Dan Nelson on Unsplash

Essay Bites

Essay Bites

ASC's Essay Bites series takes you through the steps of essay writing from beginning to end.

While you are in isolation could be a good time to develop your essay writing skills in preparation for your first assignments. 

Working or studying online

Working or studying online

Opens in Sway


Like puzzles?

We've created a University Wordsearch to introduce you to Dundee.

The word search includes words about your studies, about the University, and the city of Dundee. You can do the wordsearch online or print it off, and every time you refresh the page, the puzzle will update with new words!

Writing LEARN SMart

Academic Writing section in LEARN Smart

Go to page or use access the Sway below.

You'll find more academic skills advice on LEARN Smart

Critical thinking

Critical Thinking

Opens in Sway


Here's a few tools for you to  check out

Grammarly is a free writing and plagiarism checker tool

Cite Them Right (on campus)

Cite Them Right (off campus login)


Online Learning Glossary


Don't miss anything!

Get your course induction events into your calendars and always check your School's home page and your My Dundee modules (or Moodle) for information and updates.



Most schools will be using Collaborate as a virtual classroom to support blended learning activities in their programmes and modules. 

Collaborate is delivered through the University's virtual learning environment (VLE), My Dundee, delivered by Blackboard.

You will be invited to any virtual sessions by your tutor. 

Get started with Collaborate - see the interface of a Collaborate session and available features.

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Turnitin logoTurnitin is the University's assessment and feedback tool 

Many schools ask you to use Turnitin to submit your work through My Dundee.

LTI Student explains Turnitin.Decorative image


Read more


QuestionMark Perception 

QMP is the software used by the University to produce online assessments.

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Find out more 


For the latest information see the LLC Home page.

Library and Learning Centre 

Chat with the Library online 


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This guide was created by the Academic Skills Centre, a part of Student Services