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Student Services January 14 Day Countdown

Things to do in isolation

About this page

Day 4: Find out about Dundee - Scotland's sunniest city!

Dundee is a great place to study, work and live, and gets more than the national average of sunshine! Today we'll explore a bit with you. 

Learn more about the University of Dundee


Things to do and see in Dundee

This Visit Scotland page will give you lots of ideas of things to see and do in Dundee after isolation. Where would you like to visit first?  Find out from the others in your household where they would like to go around Dundee after self-isolation is over.

Check out the hidden gems

Out and about in Dundee and Scotland

If shopping's more your thing see this guide

Photo by Thomas Mills on Unsplash

History of Dundee Quiz


Try this quiz about Dundee's rich history - even if you do know some of the answers you're guaranteed to learn something new!

History of Dundee quiz

The RSS Discovery

Explore our City

Take this quick tour of the city

Duration: 01:00


V&A Dundee

You may have to stay inside your room for 14 days, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some art and culture!

The original Victoria and Albert Museum was founded in London in 1852, but just over two years ago, on 15 September 2018, the V&A opened its second location right here in Dundee!

Image V&A museumThe museum works closely with the University, particularly the school of Art and Design, and has a number of free galleries open to the public. 

You might have to wait another two weeks to go visit the V&A in person, but why not take a virtual tour in the meantime? 

Photo by Red Dot on Unsplash

Tour of Dundee

Watch VisitScotland's video

Visit their Home page for more information

Duration: 01:30


Your country

About your country

Using any sharing app of your choice post a favourite fact or share something that's unique or special about your country or home town. Or just have a conversation with the others in your household.

Padlet's a good option to try  - create your own


Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash

Local dialect

An ingin ane ana!

As with every city, Dundee has its own colourful dialect. Get ahead of the game by trying to learn a few local words!

Learn 100 Key Dundonian words

Now test your Dundonian! Dundonian quiz

Dundonian words

Public Art Tours of Dundee

Virtual Tour of the City

During the first lockdown, our University of Dundee Museum Curator, Matthew Jarron, made a series of virtual guided walks of public art and design in different parts of Dundee.

He used Google Streetview and photos from Public Art Dundee volunteers, Dundee City Council and private collections. Watch of some of these videos to get to know different areas of your new city!

Public Art Tours of Dundee

Here's one of the city centre to get you started...(Duration 34:49)


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