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Altmetric at Dundee: Altmetric for Institutions

Accessing Altmetric for Institutions

You can access Altmetric following a number of different routes:


Altmetric for Institutions at Dundee

Altmetric is a free tool that tracks social media attention to research papers and other research outputs.

The University also subscribes to Altmetric for Institutions: this is a service that helps you monitor and report on your own research papers.

Via the Altmetric Explorer dashboard, you can also browse the data for all of Dundee's (and others') research papers, create and save reports, set-up email alerts for new activity, and export data to Excel for further analysis.

See the 'Top 5 best things to do with Altmetric Guide', covering:

  1. Find what attention your research papers are receiving
  2. Get notified when your research papers are mentioned
  3. Make sure your research is tracked
  4. Demonstrate the attention and impact of your research
  5. Find research in your discipline that is trending


Link to Altmetric for Institutions

Quick Guide to Altmetric for Institutions