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LIVE Smart: Emergencies

Student guide to living and studying in Dundee. Aligned with LEARN Smart

Emergencies Introduction

It is useful and safer to make yourself familiar with safety procedures and emergency contact information before you come to university. Make sure that you know what to do in an emergency, you never know when you may need this information.



University of Dundee

Get help on campus:

Security staff are present on campus 24 hours a day - they can be reached by calling 01382 385850, or call into the Security Centre located in the Ewing Building. There are also call points located around campus where you can press the button to summon assistance.

Get help off campus:

Emergency Services (Fire, Police, Ambulance) can be called by dialling 999.

Police Non emergency number (where there is no imminent threat or danger) call 101


Emergency Services

Police Scotland logo

Police Scotland for non-emergencies phone 101

Police/fire/ambulance/coastguard for emergencies phone 999

Student or Staff Requiring Medical Attention

Emergency Contraception and Pregnancy Testing

your emergency contraception choices

For information on where to get emergency contraception and pregnancy tests, visit the

NHS Inform website

Gender Based Violence - University Webpages

Useful information from University of Dundee regarding Gender Based Violence

Rainbow fingerprint



Resources for Victims of Sexual Misconduct

Your Emergency Contacts

Adding an ICE ("In Case of Emergency") contact to your phone can help emergency personnel to locate a friend or family member who can speak on your behalf if you become unconscious or incapacitated. You can add a contact to the lock screen as well as contacts list.

Please also make sure that you have put your 'Next of Kin' details on your student information using your log in to evision, this helps us to contact your designated person if required in emergency situations.