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LIVE Smart: Conduct, Misconduct and Reporting Abuse

Student guide to living and studying in Dundee. Aligned with LEARN Smart

Student Conduct

The University is committed to taking all reasonable steps necessary to provide a safe environment conducive to the academic, social and personal development of all students. Members of the University are therefore expected to comply with the law at all times, and to avoid behaviours that may constitute a danger to themselves and others, or to the wellbeing and reputation of the University and wider community. This section contains information about reporting various types of abuse, support resources and raising concerns about others whether that is regarding abuse or worries about their safety.

group of students

Reporting sexual assulat, harassment, bulllying or hate crime

Concerned about someone?

Policies relating to student/ staff conduct

Respect and Consent

Antisocial behaviour

Domestic Violence

Support and Resources

Bullying and Harrassment

Personal Safety