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LIVE Smart: Students with Children

Student guide to living and studying in Dundee. Aligned with LEARN Smart

Students with Children

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Useful information for Students with Children

including bringing children onto campus, nursery, schools, local family activities and support.

Dundee City Council : Children and Families Information Service

Free Bus Travel for Young People aged 5-21

Young people aged 5 to 21, who live in Scotland for at least 6 months a year, can apply for a free bus pass. You can use this to travel on most bus services in Scotland for free. Your Young Scot Card (Young Scot NEC) or other National Entitlement Card (NEC) will be your bus pass.

Find out more information from Young Scot

Young Scot

University of Dundee Nursery

Dundee City Council Parent Information

Multicultural children

The Parenting Information site from Dundee City Council is brought to you by the Children and Families Service, and aims to bring together relevant information, advice and links that are useful to parents.


Information and Guidance

Keep calm we're going to be parents

This comprehensive guide is for mums, dads, partners, civil partners and other primary care givers who all have a very important role to play in the care and upbringing of your baby  also downloadable app available.

Rights whilst pregnant

Telling the University: Once you know when your baby is due you will need to inform your academic school – this usually should be when you get to about 13th of 14th week of your pregnancy, although you may wish to disclose to them sooner if you are experiencing health problems relating to your pregnancy. You will be able to discuss with them the options available to you for your academic course in relation to your pregnancy, due date and required recovery period after the birth. You should also make an appointment to speak to Student Funding if you are a Scottish or UK or EU student and in receipt of funding for your fees and/or living costs. If you are an International student at the University on a visa it is essential that you contact the International Advice Service for guidance in relation to your visa in relation to your maternity leave.

As accommodation in University Residences is only for single people and not for families – if your baby is due within one month of the end of your university residence contract you need to speak to the Residences team by email or in person at the Enquiry Centre to arrange to withdraw from your contract. You will need to seek out alternative accommodation – you can get assistance with this from DUSA Advice

Dundee City Council: Future events for Children and Families

Unplanned Pregnancy

For information about Emergency Contraception

The first thing you have to do is confirm the pregnancy. You may not be. If you have had unprotected sex, and it is three weeks after this, and you have missed a period, then take a test. You can go to the Sexual Health and Reproductive Services, your GP or The Corner to get a free confidential test, or to a pharmacy (you will have to buy a test here).

positive pregnancy test

If you want to discuss your pregnancy in confidence you can arrange to speak to one of the Student Support team in The Enquiry Centre or with a counsellor in the Counselling Service. If you wish you can also speak to your GP, Ninewells Hospital Sexual Health and Reproductive Services or if aged between 16 -19 at The Corner. Sexual health services at The Corner are led by nursing staff, but they work in partnership with other professionals to provide pregnancy testing and screening for Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Single Parents

Single Parents logo is the parenting site

by single parents for single parents.

Gingerbread - Information about Returning to Education

Information for single parents about

returning to education

Gingerbread logo  single parents equal families

Young Scot National Entitlement Card

The Young Scot National Entitlement Card (NEC) is free of charge to 11-to-26-year-olds living in Scotland. Use it for money off the things you love, exclusive Rewards, Proof-of-Age and much more. Simply click on your local authority below to apply for a new or replacement card, or update your photo.

Young Scot