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LIVE Smart: New Students

Student guide to living and studying in Dundee. Aligned with LEARN Smart

New Students Introduction

Being a new student in a new learning environment, and possibly a new country or city is exciting, but not without its challenges. This section has resources to help you make that transition.

Student Services 14 Day Countdown for students - this guide is available from  Saturday, 12 September, exactly two weeks before Welcome Week begins.We know it's difficult to come from another country and have to isolate in a place you don't know, so we've put this guide together to give you something to do during your self-isolation. Here, you'll find information that you will need, some fun things to do, and suggestions for getting to know other people. There will be a new page released every day, each with a focus on a particular topic. 

Start your Journey - campus tour

What you need to know before you arrive

bedroom with packed belongings

What you need to know before you come to university, what bring with you and what not to bring.

Meeting other new students

 students seated at tables at a welcome event university of dundee

Welcome /Freshers Week  is a great opportunity for you to get involved in a variety of activities and events. It is also another good chance to meet other new students and familiarise yourself with the campus facilities and buildings. Look out for events which aim to bring students together in the Welcome Events Programme some of which are may be of interest to you or those specifically aimed at your circumstances. The events programme this year has been curtailed due to the Covid-19 pandemic but we are running many online events which you can join in. DUSA and the Sports Union are also running online activities so check out their information.

See this article from Save The Student on How to make friends at university

Finding your way around

image of simple figure looking at signpost

Dundee University is campus based, so it's easy to find your way around. It can be a little confusing at first, so view our campus map to help you find your way.

More information on our different campuses, including the Ninewells Campus and the Kirkcaldy Campus.

Tips for New Students

The complete university guide

The Complete University Guide has some excellent resources for new students.

Advice on preparing to go to University

Ten essentials all students should bring with them

A further Guide to Starting University from the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust.

Medications and Pre-existing Conditions

Students on medications or those that have pre-existing medical conditions: If you need a prescribed medication on an ongoing basis make sure that you have brought sufficient quantities with you, at least 4 weeks supply, which will be enough until you register with a local doctor in Dundee.


If you are an international student and require prescribed medication for a pre-existing medical condition, it is important that you bring a doctor's letter (in English) with you to give to the doctor in Dundee explaining your medical diagnosis / condition, and any prescribed medications you require to continue taking.

If you do not do this it may take some time to get a required prescription from the GP (General Practitioner - doctor) in Dundee and this may result in a gap in medication which may affect your ability to study.

Socialising at University

Student Safety Online


Are you looking to get involved in Volunteering? Joining a club or Society? Getting Active in Sports? but don’t know where to start? Have you never thought of getting involved, or think extra-curricular activities are not for you?

SWITCH aims to help students maintain positive health in the following ways:

  • promote a sense of wellbeing for the body and mind
  • encourage physical activity as a form of self-help
  • help raise confidence, self-esteem and energy levels
  • promote a sense of belonging and participation in the life of the University and wider connected community in Dundee

Use our SWITCH service for a one-to-one referral to help you discover what interests you most and gain a helping hand in reaching out to an activity you want to do. Our service is open to everyone, whatever course, year, or background you have, so why not get in touch now. 


                   Jumpstart University

Free resources from The Open University curated with the Russell Group to help you take your first steps to university

British Council - Pre-departure Guide from British Council

What to bring to university

Peer Connections


Peer Connections logo - joined hands

Peer Connections is the University's welcoming, buddying and mentoring scheme to help all students settle in, show you around, meet, mix and share information and experience with other students. Buddy groups are offered to all incoming exchange students by Peer Connections. Individual mentoring for new students is also offered. Find out more and sign up for a buddy/mentor online.


Adjusting to a new location

The non drinker's (and/or shy person's) guide to Fresher's Week

An Introvert's Guide to Surviving Freshers' Week

What to Bring to University

A Guide to Packing for University #infographic

8 Steps to Help You Cope with Change

Freshers Video from Police Scotland Tayside

Global Room

Global Room

The Global Room is a social space on City Campus for students to relax, meet new people and celebrate cultural events. They also run a range of online events every week that you can participate in. For more information email 



 items associated with learning and communication

LEARN Smart points you to information and resources that will help you in preparing for University, during your studies and in thinking about your career.

Surviving Freshers Week and Avoiding Freshers' Flu

How to Register for Medical Care and Dentists

Health icons

You can find your nearest GPs, dentists and pharmacies using NHS's website. Enter your postcode and the service you are looking for.

Find out more about how to register by visiting the University Health Service Website

Student Guide to Hidden Curriculum

Finding Private Accommodation - Advice for International Students

Dundee street image

Finding private accommodation: advice for international students.

Advice if you're moving to the UK and are not using University arranged accommodation, or are moving from University housing to private