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E-resources - Staff guide: Walk-in user

Walk-in user information

Members of the public who join the Library can also request a Walk In User username and password. This can only be used at an Eresources Kiosk in one of our libraries, and cannot be used off campus or to log in to other PCs. The Kiosks offer Adobe Acrobat, Excel, Internet Explorer, PowerPoint and Word.

Walk In Users are restricted to a subset of our electronic resources – those which have licensing/contractual terms and conditions which permit use by members of the Library who are not also staff or students at the University of Dundee. The list of Walk In User resources may be amended from time to time and without notification. Resources must be used for educational purposes only.

Where permitted, information can be printed using Pay2Print or saved to a USB stick. Printing and downloading is governed by the relevant laws, licences, regulations and codes appertaining to the resources and services used. In particular your attention is drawn to the University’s regulations and code of conduct for the use of computing facilities and the acceptable use policy of Janet (Joint Academic Network). Multiple downloading is illegal and is carefully monitored by database providers.


Walk-in user information