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Reading Lists: Check, Edit, Publish

Getting set up and started

check, edit, publish

Semester 1, 1&2 2019/20 Lists

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02 August 2019


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23 August 2019

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13 September 2019 onwards

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When time permits

When time permits

check, edit, publish - why is it important?

Remember to click on Publish button on your reading list to make it available to students:

By publishing your reading lists early, means that the list is reviewed:

  • All links and resources checked
  • We make sure that we have adequate copies/e-licenses of 'essential' books for the number of students on the module
  • We make sure that we purchase adequate copies of new books/ebooks
  • Digitisation of chapters or journal articles are made available

For more information, see our webpage Review Process.

Any questions or help required, please contact