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Learning Xtra Handbook: Units

Learning Xtra Student Handbook

Learning Xtra Module Structure

The module is made up of eight units which you will complete over a period of four weeks. These units reflect the learning experience of a first year University student.



Week 1

  • Unit 1: University and You
  • Unit 2: Learning and Listening

Week 2

  • Unit 3:: Efficient Reading and Note-making
  • Unit 4: Reading Academic Texts

Week 3

  • Unit 5: Academic Writing
  • Unit 6: Academic Team Learning and Report Writing

Week 4

  • Unit 7: Assessment at University
  • Unit 8: Tackling University Exams

Unit Structure

Each unit consists of the following elements:

Introduction – an outline of what you will achieve by completing the unit.

Materials – the content which will contribute to your learning; some of these you will be required only to read, others will contain activities that will contribute to the later work.

Peer engagement – in most units you will be expected to participate in online discussions with your fellow DLAD students and the teaching team.

Review –a summary of what you should have learnt from the unit.

Assessment – at university there are two levels of learning activity – formative and summative. Both types of activities are important to your learning experience. Each unit consists of a series of formative and summative written assignments, online quizzes and other activities.

  • Formative activities are those that help you learn but do not ‘count’ towards your final mark. 
  • Summative activities allow you to demonstrate your learning and count towards your final mark.

See additional information:

  • Submissions - familiarise yourself with submission requirements
  • Assessment  - Breakdown of assessment for each unit