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Art and Media: Free-to-access online Art History Journals, Newsletters and Blogs

Free-to-access online Art History Journals, Newsletters and Blogs


Alberti’s Window

Alberti’s Window has been issued continuously since July 2007. The aim of the blog is to make Western art history accessible and interesting to all types of audiences: art historians, students, and anyone who may be interested in art. It is maintained by Monica Bowen, a professor in the art history department at Seattle University. The blog contains a search facility.


Andrew Graham-Dixon

Not strictly a blog, journal or newsletter, but an archive of the numerous articles on art history written by British historian Andrew Graham-Dixon for The Independent, The Sunday Times, and other publications since the late 1980s. Contains a search facility.


Anno 1900

Anno 1900 is a blog that was started by Spike van de Peppel. It focuses primarily on the influence of Art Nouveau in The Netherlands, but also elsewhere. It is well keyword indexed and has a search facility. The text is in Dutch, but well-illustrated


Archives of American Art Blog [Smithsonian Institution]

The Archives of American Art Blog is the official blog of the Smithsonian Institution’s Archives of American Art. Contains long, well-illustrated, informative, and often entertaining signed articles on American art history. Some of the articles include embedded video clips. Includes a search facility.


Art History Today

Art History Today is not just a blog. It contains a wealth of information on digital sources that can be used for art history research. It is compiled by Dr David Packwood, who is authority on Nicholas Poussin. Usefully Art History Today includes a search facility, the absence of which can sometimes reduce the value of otherwise very good blogs.

Note: there haven’t been any new entries since June 2018


About Art Nouveau

About Art Nouveau is a blog started by Olga Harmsen in 2012. It contains a series of well-illustrated reports on visits her to various cities throughout the world in which she records evidence of the influence of Art Nouveau. Se also includes profiles of leading Art Nouveau artists and architects, and links to relevant web sites. Well indexed and has a search facility.


British Art Studies 

[ISSN2058-5462] Issue 1 – Autumn 2015 British Art Studies is the joint publication of the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art (PMC), London, and the Yale Center for British Art (YCBA), New Haven. The journal provides an innovative space for new research on all aspects of British art, architecture and visual culture.


The Cooper Hewitt Blog

The Cooper Hewitt Blog is the official blog of the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York. Contains a wealth of short signed articles or blogs on the history of design and the decorative arts. Although it has a search facility, it would be useful it had an index that could be browsed.


Comics Book Stories

Nothing is known about the compiler of this site.  It contains  hundreds of informative and well-ilustrated blogs on aspects of illustration produced between 2009 and 2011


Daily Heller

Described by WIRED as “CliffNotes to the history of graphic design” the Daily Heller is a blog issued by one of America’s most respected design historians, an inductee of the Art Directors Hall of Fame and recipient of the AIGA Medal for Lifetime Achievement. The blog can be searched by design topics. See also Heller’s website::


Illustration Art

Illustration Art is a blog researched, compiled and written by David Apatoff. It has been issued frequently since 2005 and contains short, often well-illustrated articles the history of illustration. The blog has a search facility.


ISC Blog

The ISC Blog is the blog of the International Sculpture Center, a non-profit organization founded by sculptors in 1960 with a mission to “champion the creation and understanding of sculpture and its unique, vital contribution to society.” The blog provides a forum for discourse on sculpture among artists worldwide. It includes a search facility.



Japonisme is a blog that was issued between 2006-2012. It's a hotchpotch of text and images that explore the influence of Japanese culture on Western visual art. The blog is well indexed. It is unclear if this blog has ceased or just been suspended.


Journal18 - a journal of eighteenth-century art and culture

Issue.1, Spring 2016- Launched in Spring 2016, Journal18 “explores the multilayered nature of eighteenth-century art. Our focus will be on artworks that bear traces of multiple hands as a result of workshop production, cross-cultural exchange, re-use, restoration, vandalism, or other factors. Among the questions we aim to consider: who were the many people involved in art’s production and reproduction (artists, collectors, scholars, dealers, handlers, and restorers)? How were eighteenth-century artworks made, repurposed, transported, and conserved? How were they translated across media as well as across time, space, and culture? And what is the creative effect of non-creative acts like accidents or defacement? By taking a ‘multilayered’ approach, we wish not only to reexamine traditional art historical categories – such as style, originality, or authorship – but also to encourage new methodological perspectives and to find new meaning in the materiality of art objects.” [Editorial note].


JHNA. Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2009- The JHNA is the electronic journal of the Historians of Netherlandish Art. It is issued twice a year – Summer and Winter. It contains peer-reviewed articles on art produced in the Netherlands (north and south) during the years c.1400- c.1750, and in other countries and later periods as they relate to Netherlandish art. Submissions are encouraged on painting, sculpture, graphic arts, tapestry, architecture, and decoration, from the perspectives of art history, art conservation, technical studies, museum studies, historiography, and collecting history. [Editorial note].



Medieval Hungary

Medieval Hungary is a blog about medieval art history, with a special focus on Hungary. The blog was started in October 2010 and is maintained and edited by the Hungarian art historian Dr. Zsombor Jékely. Contains a search facility.


The Met Blog

The Met Blog is the official blog of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Similar in format to the V&A Blog but with less gallery news. Contains, long, wellillustrated signed articles on aspects of art history relevant to the Met’s various collections. The blog can be searched by categories (departments), author, and by tags.
The Metropolitan Museum Journal, which is published in print, is now also available for free-access at:


Modern Silver Magazine

Modern Silver is edited by Marbeth Schon. It is one of the longest, if not the longest, continuous free-to-access online art/design history magazines. It began publication in 1999 and has appeared four times a year since then. All articles since 1999 can be accessed here:


The National Portrait Gallery Blog

The National Portrait Gallery Blog is the official blog of the National Portrait Gallery in London. Contains short, signed, illustrated postings on British portraiture.


News from Anywhere

News from Anywhere is a blog sponsored by the William Morris Society and issued since 2008. It is an important source on Morris and his circle. It contains a search facility.


Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide

Volume 1, No.1, Spring 2002- Founded in 2002, Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide is a scholarly, refereed e-journal devoted to the study of nineteenth-century painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, architecture, and decorative arts across the globe. In addition to articles, Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide publishes book and exhibition reviews. The goal of the journal, is the expansion--especially the geographical expansion--of the nineteenth-century canon, and, relatedly, the demonstration of the interconnectedness of the artistic achievements of different nations.. Issued usually twice a year.



Painting History

Painting History is a blog devoted to the subject of history painting issued regularly from 2009. It is well illustrated and contains an index to artists and subjects.  The last blog is dated 21 February 2015 so I think it can be assumed that the blog is now defunct, however, it would appear that they’ve archived all the blogs from 2009-2015


PANORAMA.  Journal of the Association of of American Art Art

Panorama is the first peer-reviewed electronic publication dedicated to American art and visual culture (broadly defined) from the colonial period to the present day. The journal, which has been issued since Winter 2015,l is intended to provide a high-caliber international forum for disseminating original research and scholarship and for sustaining a lively engagement with intellectual developments and methodological debates in art history, visual and material cultural studies, and curatorial work. It encourages a broad range of perspectives and approaches within an interdisciplinary framework encompassing both local and global contexts. Panorama welcomes submissions that utilize the insights of both traditional and new historical and interpretive approaches to American art.


Panorama is published twice a year; past issues will be archived on the journal website. In addition to peer-reviewed scholarly articles, Panorama publishes Book Reviews, Exhibition Reviews, and shorter Research Notes, and will regularly feature The Bully Pulpit—a section pairing short scholarly and polemical texts with responses from academics, curators, critics, and other interpreters of American art and visual culture.


Peinture Française du 19ème Siècle

Peinture Française du 19ème Siècle is a blog that was issued regularly from January 2013 to April 2018. It focuses on nineteenth century French painting, from Neoclassic to Academic to Barbizon, with the exclusion of Impressionism. It includes a search facility.


Pre Raphaelite Art

Pre Raphaelite Art is a blog that explores various facets of the Pre- Raphaelite movement and its influence on art and literature. The blog was begun in 2009.


Note: this blog has switched to Facebook:

Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood

The Pre-Raphaeelite Sisterhood is a blog dedicated to the women associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood as artists, writers, models or muses. The blog is compiled by Stephanie Graham Piña, an independent scholar who since 2004 has also maintained a website and blog on the artist/model Lizzie Siddal Pre-Raphaeelite Sisterhood contains a search facility.


Quad Royal

Quad Royal is a blog about British posters of the 1940s, 1950s, and sometimes, the 1960s. It has been issued regularly since January 2010. As well as short, informative and well-illustrated articles on the poster designers and the art of the poster, the blog also contains news about recent and forthcoming exhibitions, a bibliography on the history of the poster, a list of poster dealers, and links to other Internet sources on the poster.

Note: this blog has been ‘re-organised’ recently.  The blogs are arranged into two categories Newer Posts and Older Posts. Both are undated, however if you click on the title of the blog it gives the date when the blog was originally posted and links to related blogs.

Free-to-access online Art History Journals, Newsletters and Blogs part 2

Online Art History Journals, Newsletters and Blogs, continued:


Rembrandt’s Room

Rembrandt’s Room was started and is maintained by the Dutch art historian Maaike Dirks. The focus is primarily, but not exclusively, on Netherlandish art from the 11th to the 21st century. The blog is very well indexed and has a search facility.


Stripper’s Guide

Stripper’s Guide is a blog on the history of the American newspaper comic strip. It has been issued continuously since October 2005, and was started and is maintained by the Allan Holtz, author of ‘American Newspaper Comics: An Encyclopedic Reference Guide’. It includes a search facility.


Tate Blog

The Tate Blog is the official blog of the Tate art galleries in England. As of April 2020,  it contains something over two thousand archived short articles or blogs dating back to 2005, including over 1,100 listed under the History of Art, 112 on The Bauhaus, 54 on the Pre-Raphaelites, 68 on Post-Impressionism, 203 on Surrealism, etc. blog

Ujiyo-e-org blog is a blog attached to devoted to Ukiyo-e. It is a website devoted to the art of the Japanese woodblock print, which currently contains images of nearly a quarter of a million prints. The last blog is dated 13 March 2014, so I think we can assume that it is now defunct, however, the blogs have been archived


The V&A Blog

The V&A Blog is the official blog of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and has been issued since at least 2007. Contains gallery news, details of current and forthcoming exhibitions, and numerous signed articles on all aspects of art history. Although it does not have a search facility, all past postings can been displayed by heading.


The Victorian Peeper

The Victorian Peeper is a blog compiled and maintained by the American historian Dr. Kristan Tetens. It is one of the most comprehensive online resources on 19th century British visual culture. In addition to numerous articles posted over several years, it also contains news of current and forthcoming exhibitions; details of relevant places to visit; a list of endangered Victorian buildings; search tools, other sites of interest, etc. The blog contains a search facility.  The last blog posted is dated 1 October 2016


Victorian Visual Culture

Victorian Visual Culture is a blog that has been posted regularly by Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts since 2009. It contains reflections of various lengths on aspects of Victorian art and literature. Usefully, it contains a search facility. The last blog is dated 18 December 2018


Vienna Secession. Graphic Arts in Vienna and Germany 1895-1920

Vienna Secession is a web site with a blog. It was established by the Venezuelan-born Canadian artist Robert Rosenman in December 2011 and is one of the best online sources in English on the graphics of the Secession, Wiener Werkstätte and Jugendstil. Contains a search facility.