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Philosophy Subject Guide

Learn about key library resources for studying philosophy

Specific Subject Journal resources or Library Search?

You can Library Search or individual Journal resources to search for articles.

By using specialist resources like JSTOR or Web of Science:

  • You're likely to benefit from more advanced search options, and get more precise search results. For example, you'll often get more sophisticated options for narrowing down your search, setting up alerts and choosing search terms using a built-in thesaurus.
  • Specialist resources usually just focus on particular subject areas (e.g. history, medicine, law), whereas Library Search covers all topics. Therefore, searching specialist resources should give you more focused and relevant results.
  • Library Search doesn't cover everything the Library has access to.

Journal articles

Popular E-journals - Click on the cover title to go through to full text on the BrowZine website

Journal titles - Philosophy
Philosophical Review journal cover Philosophy and Phenomenological Research journal cover Philosophy & Public Affairs journal cover Argumentation journal cover Hypatia journal cover
Philosophy of Science journal cover Mind journal cover Philosophy Compass journal cover Journal of the History of Philosophy journal cover Topoi journal cover
Philosophical Psychology journal cover The Philosophical Forum journal cover Noûs journal cover International Journal of Philosophical Studies journal cover JBSP: Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology journal cover