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Adviser of Studies Handbook for Students

Adviser of Studies Handbook for Students

Why you have to attend/engage with your lectures, tutorials and other teaching activities

The University has an Attendance Monitoring Policy which means attendance and engagement with all teaching activities (with the exception of Film Screenings) is monitored. This is done to support student engagement and wellbeing and to make sure that if you are not attending classes that your Adviser can help support you with this, and direct you to professional support services as appropriate.

Group of people attending a lecture

How we capture student attendance

You will 'Check-in' to on-campus and online synchronous timetabled teaching activities via the SEAtS mobile app, which is available from the App Store and Google Play.

            Student checking in on her mobile

The app connects to Bluetooth beacons situated in teaching spaces across our campuses including City, Ninewells and Kirkcaldy. 

This simple and easy to use app  replaces paper registers and gives you access to a mobile dashboard with a traffic light system signalling where attendance is at risk. Insight into this type of data helps you to manage your own attendance and engagement and allows Schools and Student Services to reach out with the right levels of academic and pastoral support when required.

Check-in Guide for Students

For technical support please log into the portal and click the Check-In support icon.

Monitoring Process

Monitoring is important as it lets us know that you are engaging with your studies. If we don't know this is happening, it's difficult for us to help you if you are experiencing any issues or challenges. This is particularly important this academic year when teaching is being delivered as part of a blended learning environment.

Remember that it's really important to us to know that you are able to attend your classes and can engage with your learning materials - and if you're not able to do so, for whatever reason, we can support you in addressing the issues.